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May 23, 2006 05:30 PM

izakaya-style restaurants.

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Can anyone tell me if there was a article either in the LA times or LA weekly in the last year on izakaya-style restaurants? maybe in the south bay etc. if so does anyone have a link to the article?. If no such thing occured, would love to know where some good places are. I still seem to recall there was an article about it though..


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  1. There have been a few articles. The 11/9/05 Food Section of the TIMES contained heavy izakaya coverage: Japanese Pop by Linda Burum, Where to Gather for Sakana and Sake by Linda Burum and These Drinks Are All the Rage by David Lansing. Then there was some random Musha coverage in the times also. Unfortunately the links on the times site are expired and you have to pay to read archived articles. Link is below.


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      Yes... I remember this article. It was very good. I have been to Azuma izakaya in gardena many a time and really like it, especially the terriyaki steak. Don't know how it compares to other Izakayas.


    2. Try "Daruma" on Western in Gardena, west side of the street, just south of Redondo Beach Blvd. Nice izakaya fare.

      1. Tried Haru Ulala last night. It was good but not on a par with some of the places I visited in Tokyo. Still I imagine that I'll be working it into the rotation. The best things were all from the specials list and included a deep fried salmon roll and some kind of seafood omelet. The green tea noodles were also very good.

          1. I love Musha for izakaya. Great atmosphere, great service, great (and interesting) food. I think FuRaiBo on Sawtelle is also considered izakaya--it's very inexpensive, popular, and loud, but the food is also good and the menu is huge.



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              That FuRaiBo description was great!!! My experience was remarkably similar (including the knee banging thing!)... but luckily I decided to somewhat control the flow of food by ordering just a few goodies at a time, and just hanging on to the menu. It worked beautifully, and now I do this whenever I go there. The waitstaff hate it. Alot.

              I didn't know there where other restaurants like this in LA. I'll check them out soon. Thanks for all the info!