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Dec 9, 2011 04:18 PM

What's your favorite eateries in The Oranges , Newark, Irvington.... ??

I know these areas are mostly urban , and not the "tourist areas" of town. I would like to know what are the stand-outs or good places to grab some good from in these areas ?? Ethic places ?

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  1. Pizza at the Star Tavern........

    Hamburgers and Fried Seafood at Krug's Tavern...

    Pastrami or Corned Beef from .....Cooper's Deli or Hobby's Delicatessen & Restaurant

    Cooper's Liquors & Deli Inc
    594 Orange Street, Newark, NJ 07107-1536
    (973) 482-0316 () ‎

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        After reading these posts and those on Yelp, I went to Hat City Kitchen this afternoon. Your recommendation is a great one. We had Lobster Mac and Cheese and Shrimp Po Boy Sliders for an appetizer. They wee both amazing. For an entree, we shared Shrimp Jambalaya with cornbread and collard greens for sides. It was plentiful and delicious. the cornbread left me wanting more. the collards were very good. I've been known to leave an entire side of collards if I didn't like them. There were none left in the bowl. I wanted bread pudding for dessert, but they were out of it.
        Oh well, I guess I will just have to go back there again!

      2. Portuguese food in the Ironbound section of Newark!

        1. Ditto Hat City Kitchen. Great food, terrific service, cool atmosphere. This is a kitchen that cares about what it turns out, is thoughtful about what it serves.

          And this is a uniquely operated restaurant run not-for-profit, rather for a cause to help the neighborhood it operates in. Love it! Only wish it were closer to me...

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          1. re: menton1

            Actually was there last night... Wonderful service and great!! food. Their ribs were to die for as were the shrimp and grits. Also, the bread pudding is not to be missed. A FIND!!

              1. re: scarlet knight

                It's easy enough to do a Google search, but I did it for you:

                1. re: sockster

                  Don't foget the good old standby of Pal's Cabin in West Orange. Cream of mushroom soup!

                  1. re: Picnicchef

                    I always thought The Manor had the best Cream of Mushroom Soup I ever had.....I'll have to give Pal's version a try to compare.....

                    1. re: fourunder

                      I've had both. Very disappointed with Pal's Cabin Mushroom Soup. Very thin with no mushrooms or flavor.
                      The Manor has the best Mushroom soup I have ever tasted. I would go to the buffet and head directly for the mushroom soup. It is just thick enough, has excellent mushroom flavor and bits of mushrooms. Now you got me wanting some.

                      1. re: Applecheeks

                        Thanks! As I said I haven't been in at least a decade!

                        1. re: Applecheeks

                          I've been to The Manor's Seafood/Lobster buffet at least a dozen times....I always say I could have two bowls of their mushroom soup and be satisfied without eating anything else.

                          1. re: Applecheeks

                            I'm a fan of both, athough I'll admit, I don't consider the two soups to be in the same category. The Manor's, as you might expect, is a much higher quality. I actually have the recipe - or what they claim to be the recipe. My mom snipped it out of the newspaper years ago. I made it once, and it was excellent, although I don't go to the Manor often enough to say if it's exact (or if it's changed since then).

                        2. re: Picnicchef

                          They also make a nice burger. I like mine medium rare and juicy.

                          1. re: Picnicchef

                            I grew up around the corner from Pals and still consider their Grilled Redwood (really a Reuben); to be one of the great sandwiches of all time, but every time I've been there in recent years I've been disappointed with the quality and the preparation. It's like they're just phoning it now. I can't deny that they still get the crowds, but in my opinion Pals is a shadow of what it used to be. In fairness though, I've never had the mushroom soup.

                            1. re: creamfinger

                              I worked in the area in the late eighties early nineties and that sandwich was killer! So were the open faced turkey sandwiches. I haven't been in years -- have to rectify it in the New Year.

                          2. re: sockster

                            Was the chef at the long-departed Yves in Montclair?

                            1. re: scarlet knight

                              If you are referring to the chef at Hat City Kitchen, the answer is yes according to its menu which specifically states same. By the way, on a recent visit, about two weeks ago on a Saturday night, food was very good, as was service. In addition, there is music on Saturaday nights, which varies from week to week.

                              1. re: pigbob

                                thanks. yves was good due to this chef now at hat city.

                      2. re: menton1

                        I want to go to Hat City Kitchen with 3 friends next month. I am concerned about the area. Is it safe for 4 older women to go there at night?

                        1. re: Applecheeks

                          Yes, it's a neighborhood in transition. The couple of blocks around the restaurant are single family houses. YOu can usually park within a half block of the place. Not a problem.

                      3. Had a fantastic meal at Seabra's Marisqueira on Saturday night: Started with a pitcher of sangria, delicious. Clams casino, nicely lightly breaded and not over salted like some places do. Then shrimp scampi appetizer that everyone loved because it was not too greasy the way some places ruin it. My son is a big steak eater and he gobbled down a juicy shell steak, cooked nicely medium rare, pink in the middle. I had the Frutos do Mar na Cataplana, one of their signature dishes, which is kinda like a seafood stew that had shrimp, scallops, clams, mussels, and one nice size lobster in a big copper kettle served with rice and chips on the side. All the seafood was cooked nicely producing tender and enjoyable meat. Sauce was simple and modestly flavorful so it did not overpower the shellfish. No room for dessert. If you want excellent Portuguese food in Newark's Ironbound, I would recommend Seabra's.

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                        1. re: cke25

                          I've stopped recommending Seabra's simply because it has become so difficult to get a table recently and I believe the word has spread to the diners from the other side of the river. Lots of zip cars with NY plates in the lot.

                          1. re: Duppie

                            We ate there last Friday. Crowded, but no wait for our reserved table of 4 for 7pm. Enjoyed it as usual. Better than most of the genre, we like it and recommend it!

                            1. re: scarlet knight

                              Oh don't get me wrong, I love the place and have been dining there for over 12 years. but now I've seen it on several television shows and articles,so now the crowds begin. Oh well......

                              1. re: Duppie

                                We go early on a Sunday afternoon before the crowds get there. You get so much to eat that you will not have to eat for the rest of the day. Seabra's Mariscada is the best restaurant in the Ironbound.