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Dec 9, 2011 04:01 PM

Ginger Marmalade

Anyone ever done this? I found a few recipes. What I was wondering is can you cook the ginger with the skin on and then remove the skin?
If some one has a recipe they have tried and liked that would be helpful too.
I want to make this and give as Christmas gifts

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  1. You want to remove the skin first, it's easy to do with a small spoon before cutting up the root, rather than a paring knife. Ginger skin is generally very thin, especially the younger the ginger. Peel the root whole, easier than when it's cut.

    The only recipe I have is ginger, sugar, water and pectin. Very easy to make; just needs to cool in the sugar syrup it was cooked in overnight.

    1. I make a tangerine marmelade, and add both fresh ginger, and chopped candied or crystalized ginger, it has a strong ginger taste, but still had fresh citrus to it as well. I will look for the recipe when I get home and post for you.
      I taught canning classes at PCC natural Markets here in Seattle for a couple years, and this was always the hit at the winter canning class:)

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        OOO! that sounds delish. My Meyer lemon tree is ready to harvest here in LA.. Maybe I could substitute that for the Tangerine?