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Dec 9, 2011 03:08 PM

Moran-Bong -- Anyone been or heard anything?

it's the korean restaurant that got a couple michelin stars in the 2012 edition.

website (in japanese):

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  1. Sometimes, a country`s typical, base dish is actually shared with another country, That is the case of the 'yakiniku'... Japanese 'yakiniku', depending on the shop, is labelled as 'Korean barbecue', which could be correct. But, this has IMHO essentially contributed to establish a pre-conceived taste of 'yakiniku', quite different to fusion food, but also different to the real Korean (good) barbecue. A kind of geopolitic food !!! 
    So, this founder and the chef, who received the price of the Tokyo best Korean restaurant by the "2011 Korean restaurant guide", are trying to raise interest into ''real'' Korean food, and to change minds. With the boom of Korean stars, it might finally succeed, and start a tendance into different taste sensations.
    Well, OK, i don`t know much, but i am with Mimi^^. My limited experience is with the Korean restaurant Matsunomi, and was not so spicy..