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Dec 9, 2011 02:12 PM

Any good cookbook ideas for bean cookery for a gift?

My significant other (and personal chef!) has just become interested in cooking beans.

So he made a fantastic dish with white beans that were cooked in chicken broth (or maybe it was turkey broth) that had so much flavor. We just loved it.

And he cooked a Jacques what's his name lentil dish that had a lot of cilantro in it that was different from the usual and very good.

So I thought I'd get him a good bean cookbook, maybe with an assortment of some different beans for a holiday gift,

Does anyone have any good book recommendations?

I see that one is due to come out early next month called Bean by Bean by Crescent Dragonwagon.
Does anyone have anything else by her?

Here's the info on that one:

Or other good thoughts?

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  1. I love Steve Sando's book, the guy behind Rancho Gordo, which has resurrected many types of beans. You can buy the book (along with some beans) on the site, but I bought mine in a Borders, so you can probably find it locally if you prefer. Just FYI, it's not a veg book, and many of the recipes contain meat. Everything I've tried has been delish.

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      This looks like a really interesting book. I think it may be right up our alley. I see the intro is by Thomas Keller and my friend likes one of his other books so that will interest him.

      Thanks for this.

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        Great! If you buy it, please post your favorite recipes. I haven't cooked from it in a while, but now I'm inspired to revisit it.

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        This is my recc as well, it's a great book. I live about a half hour from the store (it's in Napa) and love going there for my beans and pozole. They also have some interesting chocolate and seasonings from time to time.
        I made a gift basket for my Mother last year which included his book, several types of beans and a bean pot from Bram. She loved it, and the book has a great variety of recipes.

      3. I have a copy of Dried Beans & Grains by Richard Olney, Carol Cutler, Jeremiah Tower and Aldo Tutino. It was published in 1982. Amazon does list it on the website. I've had my copy for at least a quarter of a century. Not only does it have recipes, but also step by step pictorials of how to cook different varieties of dried beans and grains.

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          I'll check it too. Maybe there are used copies? If Richard Olney was involved, it's good.

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            There is a Time-Life book in the "The Good Cook" series called Dried Beans and Grains. Is this the same?

            1. re: blue room

              I believe that it is the same because it is a Time-Life book. I can't recall why I got it, but I'm glad I have it.

              I use dried beans a lot, BUT NEVER IN CHILI...

          2. If you're into (semi) vintage/retro, James McNair's series was the beginning of single-ingredient cookery books. The photography was beautiful. There is a volume, titled "Beans and Grains".

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              I've seen his books and have a few of them. Hadn't seen this one though. I agree -- his photography is beautiful and inspirational.