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Dec 9, 2011 01:14 PM

High-end saturday lunch?

Hi all,

We will be downtown on the 17th and are looking for a good lunch spot for our annual holiday outing to hang out on the mag mile. We would like a real meal... not brunch, not just sandwiches, but actual entrees! All the places we used to go are either not open for lunch on sat anymore, or have switched to just serving brunch or sandwiches (Nomi, Atwood, Four Seasons, etc...). After surfing opentable for hours the only one that is sticking with me is Aria. Anywhere in the Loop, Mag mile, Streeterville, even south or west Loop would be fine. Any advice?

Thanks and Happy Holidays,


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  1. Did you consider Blackbird (West Loop area)? Purple Pig (no reservations) is right on Michigan Avenue, so that might be worth considering as well. Both of these venues have great reputations and serve full lunches.

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      Blackbird is not open for lunch on Saturdays.

    2. What about Cafe Spiaggia?

      1. I just took a look at Opentable and the following places downtown with openings for lunch that day are all good and would all seem to fit the bill: Aria (pan-Asian), Balsan (contemporary American-Mediterranean), Cafe Spiaggia (Italian), Chicago Cut Steakhouse, Custom House Tavern (American), David Burke's Primehouse (steakhouse), The Florentine (Italian), Gibsons (steakhouse) and Hugo's (seafood), Le Colonial (Vietnamese), Mercat a la Planxa (tapas), NoMI Kitchen (American), Quartino (Italian small plates), Sable (contemporary American small plates), Sixteen (contemporary American), and Terzo Piano (Italian). In addition, Purple Pig (mentioned above, for charcuterie, organ meats, etc) is another possibility.

        Of these, the ones within two blocks of the Mag Mile are, from north to south: Gibsons/Hugo's, Le Colonial, Cafe Spiaggia, Balsan, NoMI Kitchen, Quartino, David Burke's, Purple Pig, Sable, and Sixteen.

        1. Perhaps RL or Custom House

          1. Lots of good suggestions here ... Many of my favorites but given that this sounds like a treat and you specifically ask for "high end" I'd really recommend lunch at Sixteen in the Trump tower. It has the most gorgeous view in the city. I had a lunch there recently and appreciated the exceptional service and the lunch menu had tasty offerings at appropriate prices. I had a very nice trout dish and loved the whole thing. I am not tempted by their dinner menu but think they're ideal for a treat lunch.

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              It's not clear what you mean by "high end". If you're referring to the city's most expensive restaurants - the ones with high prices, lengthy tasting menus, armies of waitstaff, etc, and you're looking for a bargain while dining there - none of those restaurants is open for lunch. Sixteen is not really at that level, although it's very nice and would probably serve your needs as well as any of these places. The view at Sixteen is nice - you can see through other buildings towards a sliver of the lake, and the room is very spacious - but I wouldn't call it the most gorgeous view in the city. From the places I've listed above, I'd say the most gorgeous view is at NoMI Kitchen, whose huge picture window looks out at the park, the Water Tower, and the Mag Mile.