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Dec 9, 2011 12:44 PM

Delivery in the East end/Beach?

With a young baby, we don't get out as much as we'd like (read: at all). We have found the choices for delivery in our area to be slim.

We are in the Main/Gerrard area, any suggestions for decent delivery? Any types of food welcome.

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  1. If Tropical Thai delivers to you I have had some great luck with them (

    Bar-be-que Hut also delivers to you -

    1. You've come to the right place! Nothing gourmet - but will hit the spot.

      our go to places are Seaspray on Kingston / Main for Canadian Chinese - large chunks of white chicken breast in their chicken balls - very fast (during the week within half an hour usually) high quality ingredients.
      Diamond Pizza - hit and miss - generally not bad - we used to order there regularly (weekly) but now it's every once in a while
      Thai Grill on Queen Street - it's pretty good - the satays are amazing. Curries are so flavourful and rich.
      Siddartha on Gerrard St - stratches our Indian itch - garlic naan and butter chicken - yum

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      1. re: Apple

        Couldn't disagree more on Thai Grill. Tried them last week for the first time. All the dishes were stupidly sweet and had no identity. That being said, there was one star and it was the deep fried tofu appy. It was like a KFC tofu dish and really yummy in a bad way. The rest was complete garbage and that's where it ended up 20 mins after delivery.

        Our go-to Indian is Ali's Tandouri, by far the best indian in the beach.


        1. re: Apple

          Diamond Pizza's pizza is probably the best in the area for delivery (Danforth Pizza House doesn't deliver). Their chicken wings are on the small side.

        2. If you don't mind pick-up then: Danforth Roti at Dawes and Danforth, Sultan Shwarma at Main and Danforth, Quattro 4 Ragazze for panini at Coxwell and Danforth.

          Pizza is good from Colombos, Gerrard Pizza, and the Pizza Nova at Woodbine/Danforth.

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          1. re: mariecollins

            Thai House at Wineva and Queen will deliver, as will Giorgios Pizza at Coxwell & Queen. There is a great carribbean place on Main just south of Gerrard - Cool Runnings? - that make s a great Roti - not sure if they still deliver.

            If Greek is on your mind, Mr Greek and Friendly Greek deliver as well (not great, but hits the spot when you just can't face the stove).

            1. re: mariecollins

              My favourite delivery pizza in this area is the Pizzaiolo at Kingston Road and Dundas. What do you recommend at Danforth Roti?

              1. re: Full tummy

                Doubles are good, but I always get the Ital roti - mixed veg. My parents get the boneless goat roti. I like Pizzaiolo too, but have been gravitating to the convenience and value of our local Pizza Nova.

            2. one answer, Diamond Pizza