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Dec 9, 2011 12:02 PM

Creative Sushi - Mori or n/naka?

We have been to asanebo and LOVED it but its too far from us....any recommendations factoring in value for the dollar, fun experience, creative and surprising dishes (doesnt have to be all raw, we appreciate good interesting cooked dishes also), and quality of fish?

Trying to decide which to do between Mori and n/naka that will be a more special and memorable experience. It seems they are both about the same price. The pics of n/naka food looks good but the atmosphere seems boring and blah. maybe im wrong.


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  1. The Saturday night I was at n/naka it was lively, not boring. It sounds more like what you are interested in than Mori --- which I consider a traditional (but very, very good) sushi place with some fine cooked dishes. Chef Niki serves a multi-course Kaiseki-like experience that is very good. She is quite dedicated to her customers' satisfaction. Try it, if that's what you want. However, I did not find her sushi courses nearly as pleasing as Mori, Zo, or Kiriko

    1. Mori serves Edomae style sushi. n/naka is more of a kaiseki.

      Asanebo is more of a kaiseki restaurant, much in the same vein as n/naka. n/naka is not as raucous (for lack of a better word) or lively as a sushi bar, which is not necessarily a bad thing - n/naka has simply more of a fine dining ambiance which happens to be more food-centered then "scene".

      If you enjoyed Asanebo, you'll most likely have better luck with n/naka.

      1. Mori does not serve "creative sushi." It wouldn't surprise me if he finds the concept offensive.

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          there are things he does, such as the toro truffle or the tacos or the jalapeno handroll.They've a long menu of cooked items. It isn't purely traditional, unlike Zo.

          And the he of Mori (Mori) is no longer at Mori.

        2. Since epop bumped this old thread, I'll go ahead and ask sdiddy which place he (or she) ultimately went with?

          sdiddy, a restaurant that did not exist at the time posted is Shunji Japanese Cuisine. The owner/chef is Shunji Nakao, who is also the former owner of Asanebo (his brother Tetsuya owns Asanebo now). If Asanebo is too far, and you were looking at Mori and n/naka, Shunji is just down the street from Mori.

          Here are some reviews:

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            We went to Mori which was amazing of course, but I have been to asanebo and it blew me away, and we Also went to shunji recently which was very different than anything we have had in la and also wonderful. Thanks!