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Dec 9, 2011 11:39 AM

Pasadena on or near Colorado street, what are the best places?

Help me out here guys this is not my part of town! It's for a birthday, anything really good around there?

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  1. What part of Colorado? Any particular sort of food? How big a group? Price range? Breakfast, lunch or dinner? There's places, but having some parameters to work with would help.

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    1. re: estone888

      17 people, type of food specifically doesn't matter but looking for someplace kind of seasonal and market driven, around $50 person for food is fine, dinner, anyplace like that? :)

      1. re: rezpeni

        I would think Malbec might be nice: Argentinian, but with a bigger selection than just steak, excellent wines, nice atmosphere. On Green, which is parallel to Colorado.

        Azeen's Afghani might be different and fun - no booze though - - This is the smallest of the restaurants I'm listing, but they might have an event room or something.

        Some people, I'm not one of them, do like Cafe Santorini for Greek -

        Some people also like - again I'm not one of them but I'm very fussy about Mexican food - El Portal -

        Those are what come to mind off the top of my head. Good luck.

        1. re: estone888

          Estone, I agree with you on your assessment of El Portal although I do like Cafe Santorini. I disagree with Malbec. The only thing really good there is the bread and chimichurri. My friend that I usually go there with and I agreed on that the last time we were there.
          Maybe Celestino for Italian on Lake would work. I have never heard any complaints about the place and you can get their private room for free.

          1. re: WildSwede

            Oh yeah, I forgot about Celestino. Good idea. Though I stand by Malbec. I've always been quite happy with my food there.

            1. re: estone888

              At Malbec, the first time we went we had some daily special and were absolutely blown away. They never had it again and every time we went after that we were just not happy with our choices. However, we would happlily make a meal of only the bread and chimichurri!! ;-)

    2. Check out the "Pasadena is weak" thread.

        1. re: ipsedixit

          Any particular menu recommendations for Vol 94, ipsedixit?

          1. re: ElsieDee

            The duck fat cashews are a must. Evil things. Will make your Lipitor bill skyrocket.

            Just about every seafood item we've tried were outstanding, incl. the octopus, sea bream, and prawns.

            Charcuterie are also good, if you are a fan. Some people aren't.

            I have to still check out their burgers at lunch sometime. I've heard (and seen) good things about them.

            1. re: ipsedixit

              Thanks - this has been added to my "must try soon" list!

        2. You don't mention the age range and the atmosphere you are looking for.

          Maybe Parkway Grill, Bistro45, Saladang if people like Thai, maybe Lucky Baldwin's if you could get the upstairs, Noir Food & Wine or Yard House if the crowd is youngish and beer loving.

          1. I'll throw out Kings Row (Gastro) Pub in Old Town. As I recall they have some big tables that could handle a group like that. The menu is fairly eclectic and struck me as very fresh and creative, good drinks of course. Sounds fun!