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Dec 9, 2011 11:32 AM

Best all you can eat sushi in Montreal?

Hi, I am planning to go out for sushi tonight and need a recommendation from someone who has more experience than me. My friend does not eat raw meat so I need a restaurant that will cater sushis and sashimis but also other non-raw meat options. Your help would much appreciated. I went to Kanda once and found it rather reasonable. Thanks.

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  1. Asean Garden in NDG has a large AYCE menu that covers both sushi as well as Chinese, Thai, Japanese and other dishes.

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    1. re: kpzoo

      Asean Garden barely qualifies as sushi.

      It's about on par with food court mall sushi imo.

    2. Sushi St-Denis is stellar IMO. Great raw options but also plenty of yummy non raw/vegetarian/other cuisine items. They are located at 1669 St-Denis, look for the big red awning. And yes, it's all you can eat and the service is pretty good.

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        How does this place compare to Kanda on Bishop, or on St. Catherine? I actually tested the St. Catherine venue at lunch and thought the 'deal' was reasonable. But if I spend 25$, I want my money's worth in quality. Thanks.

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          I've been to Kanda on St. Catherine and wasn't blown away, I prefer Sushi St-Denis if I'm going to spend the same thing at either place. But, I've talked to others who were satisfied with Kanda as well, so maybe its just a preference thing and I haven't been to Kanda in a while. For what it's worth, I was last at Sushi St-Denis much more recently and everything was very fresh and tasted spot on for what you'd expect. I just peeked at the Kanda menu on their website, and it looks to me like St-Denis has more variety in some categories as well (tempura, kitchen dishes, some of their maki rolls). My favorites are their cucumber/avocado maki rolls and pork dumplings which I could easily make a meal out of.

      2. I go to Ginza. I find their sushi to be quite consistent in quality every time I go. The pieces of sashimi are generous and the tempuras don't have a heavy taste of grease. I haven't left this place without feeling satisfied, which is more than I can say for Kanda, Komiko and the handful of other places my friends have dragged me to.

        That said, I am curious to see what other suggestions appear in this discussion

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          Komiko was no good? Thinking of trying it this week. Has anyone else been there?

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            I've tried it a few times and gotten both good and bad experiences there. That lack of consistency has turned me away from it. I'm satisfied with the place I go to now, so I'm not inclined to go back to a place that has already disappointed me. Though I'd be open to trying places I've never been to if it looks convincing enough

        2. I know that you already went out but, for future reference, I deeply enjoy Sushi Plus, on Beaumont, in a strip mall positioned right between TMR and Parc Ex. Their prices are reasonable (and they have a little loyalty card). I have tried at least 8 different all you can eat sushi places around the city and this is my favourite. Their fish tastes fresh, their menu has TONS of choices (sushi in the usual forms, teriaki, soups, donburi, udon, grilled foods, etc., etc.). Also, the service is good (unlike many ALCE restos). Mmmm. Now I'm craving some sushi from here . . . yum.

          1. I would recommend Sushi Palace the one at 1803 rue Poirier Ville St-Laurent (QC). If not, Sushi Plus like above had suggested. Although, it has less "kitchen" item to offer, I love their fish quality.Tokyo Sushi & Crescent Sushi are also good.