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Dec 9, 2011 11:10 AM

Tasting menus?

Hey CHers,

My foodie friend and her foodie boyfriend are trying to pick a spot for dinner with a tasting menu. Expensive is fine, as long as it's awesome! All I can seem to find is Toque. Does anyone else know who does one? Looking for more options.


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  1. Europea and I think Porte.

    Probably XO too but I'd steer clear. Try the fine dining French restos like Aix, Chronique, Saint-Gabriel, etc. Call and see what they offer.

    CCeP is doing an 8-course with optional wine pairing on the 31st for New Years.

    1. La Chronique, La Porte, Europea, Raza, DNA and Laurie Raphael also offer tasting menus.