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Dec 9, 2011 10:41 AM

French ciders and Poire

As my next year trip to Paris is approaching, i'm adding here another question that would be glad to get info on :-) I'm a big fan of the apple and pear alcholic products, are there any "standout" ones that i should try and get a couple of bottles to accompany the apartment meals? I guess those can be found in the "usual" wine shops, but if there are some special places that may have more interesting selection, would be glad to know.
Btw fruits related beverages and liquers etc., i read here some "limited" interesting posts, and if there is more info on specialities worth lurking after, i'm always glad to hear and learn "-)

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  1. There's a restaurant just up Hausmann from the dept stores caleld Pomme. Yup, they specialize in apple based drinks and food. Had lunch there and it was way better than I had heard. I had a tasting of ciders to go along w/my meal. The stand out was Label rouge Royal Guillevic from Ciderie Nicol. Had never seen it before or since. Very tasty. Maybe a place like Auge (just up the street) or another good liquor store will have it or some other interesting ciders.

    I'm a big calvados drinker but before you spend $50-$80 bucks you should try as many as you can. Love the Groult, Huard and my buddy loves Camut. These 3 are all available in liveable cities back in the USA.

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      Thanks for the info, i also saw that you mentioned Dupont on another Cider thread, will try to look it up.

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        Dupont is readily available in the NYC area...

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          Thanks, but i'm not from the area :-) At my country, there is mainly inported Ecusson, Magners, Weston and sometime i find something more interesting but very rarely.. So i guess Dupont may be an interesting option.

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            If you haven't had it previously, Ecusson Cidre Rosé is excellent. 5€ at Nicolas.

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              Thanks, i didn't know about the Ecusson Cidre Rose and for sure will try it.

    2. I would certainly recommend sampling some of the poire william brandy. A delightful treat on a wintry night.

      1. The answer to your question is cidres and poirés by Eric Bordelet. You will be able to order them at gentrified crêperies like Breizh Café or La Compagnie de Bretagne, and very probably at good large-scale cavistes like the Lafayette Gourmet beverages section. Sometimes Eric Bordelet names his bottles "vin de pomme" or "vin de poire", so look out.

        Bordelet's poiré is the ultimate version of poiré. It can be aged, too. Both his poirés and ciders are as different from other stuff as champagne is from cheap sparkling.

        As for pear brandy, commonly known as "poire", look out for two makers: Morand and Brana. They'll have the best flavors.

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          As for pear brandy, commonly known as "poire", look out for two makers: Morand and Brana. They'll have the best flavors.

          And Massenez.

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            Thanks a lot everybody, for this useful information.. I will try to find Bordelet's bottles maybe in Le Bon Marche or Lafayette.. Also the poire firms look promising, will try to bring back one to add to collection of the homemade liquers, pretty hard to work "home liquers magic" with pears "-) Altough of course it is a different ballpark, being pear brandy and not exactly a liquer..

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            Mmm, Bordelet ciders, my first taste 13 years ago was a game changer. In the San Francisco area, we're lucky to have access to his production.

            Nothing else at that level that I should seek out?

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              Julien Frémont's calvados and ciders are really exceptional, organic, handmade. Caves Augé (as mentioned above, Blvd Hausmann) has them and can give you other very good suggestions.