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Dec 9, 2011 09:21 AM

Trader Joe's Vintage Ale 2011

Anyone taste this stuff yet?



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  1. No TJ in my area, but I do know this is a special once a year brew made from them by Unibroue out of Canada. Generally in the past these have been very smooth ales with complex finishes. And they store well too.

    1. I pick up a bottle or two every year. It's always been what I'd consider a decent ale, and for the price a good value. This beer has always been on the thin and over carbonated side for this style, and the bottle I had a week ago these traits were even more pronounced than usual. It almost seemed as if I was drinking a cola. After (reluctantly) finishing it I actually felt that the $5 could have been better spent towards something I truly enjoy drinking. This last bottle was just not very pleasing.

      On a side note, a few days later I picked up a bottle of Delirium Noel for about $10 and it was superb. The extra $5 over the price of the TJ's Ale was more than worth it. This is a beer I also pick up this time each year, and the bottle I just had was the best in memory. A joy to drink.

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        I'm a little more enthusiastic about it than Whisper but I found this year's version a bit thin as well.

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          Ditto, and I also thought it tasted like a soda. I don't say this to be snobby, but I couldn't finish it. I would steer towards the Anchor Christmas Ales if you're looking for something that comes out once a year, that stores well, and to me has a similar flavor profile.