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Dec 9, 2011 09:06 AM

Good Coffee Beans? - Downtown Core YYC

I'd like to buy a good bag of coffee beans to send to my friend in Victoria, BC who is a coffee nut. I however know nothing about coffee. The only catch is... I'd like to stay in the downtown core, as I would be on foot. I don't plan to take a bus off to one of the markets or Marda loop etc for this gift.. Also the beans would probably have to be in a cryvac package, as opposed to a paper bag because I wonder if they would get stale or attract pets, sitting under the tree for two more weeks?

Any suggestions would be great.

Thanks Chowfriends!

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  1. Not a coffee expert, but try to find some John Manzo threads. He used to post a lot about his coffee expertise, and some apparently stellar local bean roasters.

    1. Phil and Sebastian have a temporary kiosk in Holt Renfrew (main floor) that sells their locally roasted beans. Best coffee in the city IMHO.

      Could also try Cafe Rosso on Stephen Ave. They also have P&S beans, but may not be as fresh.

      1. Go to the new Sunterra (Keynote). I really like the 49th Parallel and Peets Coffee beans they sell. I'm really loving 49th Parallel lately. For something more local. I noticed they sell something roasted in Cochrane but I haven't tried it.

        Cookbooks Co on 11th Ave SW carries some great imported coffees. Intelligensia beans are a great gift for a serious coffee lover.

        There's also Kawa coffeehouse on 9th St & 14th Ave-ish. I'm pretty sure they sell whole beans. Same for Cafe Artigiano (2-3 locations in the Core).

        My friend likes Waves coffee beans (in the +15 or their new shop on the corner of 17th Ave & 5th St.).

        I'll post again if I have another idea.

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          Kawa definitely sells whole beans - they carry 49th parallel (roasted in Vancouver i think), intelligensa and some others too. Artigiano sells beans too but i find the date roasted is already 2ish weeks old when i buy -- though there may be more turnover around Xmas. All three are not in paper bags but have that vent that where you can still get coffee bean aromas.

          I agree with Nikonoclast that phil and sebastiens is best and local -- your friend may not have access to their beans in Victoria!

          1. re: Dr. J

            Another vote for P&S. No sense shipping Vancouver beans from Calgary to Victoria.

        2. You can Intelligentsia beans (packed into vacuum-sealed bags, with a roast date) at Deville, 7th Ave and Centre St. SW, second floor.

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