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Dec 9, 2011 09:00 AM

Anyone try Ristorante Oggi in Dollard des Ormeaux? It's currently on TeamBuy's daily deals.

Anyone try Ristorante Oggi in Dollard des Ormeaux?

It's currently on TeamBuy's daily deals. I live in LA, but visit my mother in Montreal regularly, and look for "deals" that are interesting. (My favorite so far is Crescendo Restaurant in Verdun). It's harder to find reviews for restaurants than in the U.S., where Yelp is so entrenched that most restaurants have dozens, if not hundreds, of customer reviews.

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  1. I've been to Oggi and found it horrible. Sub-par "Italian" food and slow service to boot. Went with a party of 10 on a Wednesday night. We were the only diners in the restaurant and it took a ridiculously long time for our food to arrive. I wouldn't go back.

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      Thanks. That's too bad. That coupon is a great deal. $25 for $60 - and BYOB! I did not see good reviews, but was hoping maybe it was better than the few reviews!

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        I'll agree with this one. Really not all that great at all and I'd rather pay $60 for a meal I loved rather than $25 for what they serve.

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          Like I said in the first post, the coupons are obviously hit and miss. But boy, was I happy with Crescendo Restaurant, on the water in Verdun. Such a nice place, and their Table d'Hote, with soup/ salad/ pasta/ dessert was, like, 21 dollars. I would definitely go back, without the coupon. I used to like the chinese restaurant on Decarie near Queen Mary, Schezuan Village, but they have a new owner, and it's not the same.

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            i recently used a coupon at greasy spoon on laurier. the food was fantastic. it has received a luke warm reception here but my meal was great in every respect --- except they do not give any pre-meal munchies like bread or nuts or something. it's supposed to be a bar, well why serve drinks with no nibblers