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Dec 9, 2011 08:51 AM

Saving recipes on macbook pro + viewing on iphone 4

I have a macbook pro and see lots of great recipes on various websites like Any suggestions on how I can save them on my mac and then access them on my iphone when I'm in the store shopping for ingredients?

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  1. I generally copy and paste the recipes I find online and save them as Word files on my Mac. I sync my whole recipe folder with Dropbox I have the Dropbox app on my iPhone, so I can pull them up on it anywhere.

    I can also bring them up by logging into Dropbox from the browser on any computer, anywhere. If somebody at works ask me for a recipe (which happens a lot this time of year, in the middle of my annual holiday baking frenzy!), I can pull it up and print it, or email a copy to them, from my work computer.

    1. i use MacGourmet Deluxe... works on laptop and iPhone.

      i never thought about using dropbox, but that's because i don't store my recipes in word files...

      1. I either bookmark them (my iPhone and MacBook sync bookmarks) or I cut/paste, then e-mail the recipe to myself and put them in a particular inbox that also syncs to my phone.

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          Thanks for the suggestions! I did a search on Itunes and found evernote. It's pretty cool. I can clip a website using a browser plugin then I can view it on my iphone using the evernote app.