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Dec 9, 2011 08:47 AM

Rice Bran cooking oil - where?

I've looked at oils offered by a dozen Asian and Gourmet shops,
nobody is selling Rice Bran oil locally - which is great for frying.
before I buy peanut oil again, I really wanted to give this a try
short of spending $30 to get a gallon shipped to me online.
don't confuse this with rice oil used for horses or skin care.

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  1. Have you tried Amazon? I see much better prices than $30 per gallon, and Prime makes shipping free, along with other benefits. (I'm afraid I may start to sound like a shill for Amazon, but I nearly always do better there on price.)

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      I have Amazon Prime but the shipping price is often built into their heavy grocery items, so no - you can't get it cheaper there - so honestfoods cost wise is the best online source especially since Tophé is made domestically so it's fresher and lower in transport costs compared to importing from Asia. I'd like to find a cheaper way to try Rice Bran oil before I spend $40 on a 5-gal box of peanut oil from Costco, which is by far the best deal for the best frying oil around with at least a 2 year shelf life.

      1. re: Joe Berger

        Thanks for the information. I will remember always to check honestfoods first.

    2. I don't remember the name but I was able to buy a couple bottles from a Japanese Grocery in the west Village a block off St Marks on the second floor. It was expensive though but I was desperate at the time.

      Sunrise Mart
      4 Stuyvesant St, New York, NY 10003

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          That's It... i did say west didn't I? Oddly enough I used to buy it at Hong Kong supermarket in Chinatown and then at their branch in NJ,but several years ago they stopped stocking it and now I get it at H Mart or Mitsua on the Jersey side.

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            do you recall what Mitsuwa charged per liter or quart last time you bought it?

            that's probably a 2 liter bottle(4/lb weight), so $11 is a very good deal.
            I always wanted an excuse to take the bus out there and shop around,
            since their shipping charges are pretty steep.

            HMart is running a half price shipping sale, so maybe I'll just order it here if
            after I power walk through Flushing tomorrow - I still can't find it. I made a
            printout of both products to use to embarrass a few store managers ;^)

            1. re: Joe Berger

              I bought 2 quarts about 4 months ago and payed $4.29 a quart, I never saw it in gallons. I don't get up there often enough but it's worth it, I try to have a cooler handy because their selection of fish is excellent and if you're up that way,try to hit an H Mart ,also worth the trip.

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                yeah, I'm already wise to fish prices in Asian markets as I make my own sushi at home. just yesterday I got beautiful raw salmon filet $5/lb and raw tuna $8/lb, about half what you pay in a European store. I even got ZipLoc Vacuum bags to freeze some of the fish after I marinade them - comes out better once steamed than the best freezer case fish.
                I'll tell you a nice fish bargain if you have an Aldi near you... they sell frozen PACIFIC Coho salmon filet only $5/lb - insane! I worried it was rainbow trout, so I wrote to Aldi and the fishery they used wrote back and assured me it was genuine. I used to buy my frozen Pacific salmon at Costco for $8.5/lb before an Aldi opened up nearby.
                I bought myself a fancy "healthy" fryer for Xmas, so once I get the rice oil, I'll start making fish and vegetable tempura, my own Gyoza - oooh I can't wait...

      1. Koreatown - Han Ah Reum on 32nd has it. I've also seen it in various groceries around Chinatown. Most of the larger ones, I'm sure.

        Han Ah Reum
        25 W 32nd St, New York, NY 10001

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        1. re: sgordon

          I've seen it at Hong Kong supermarket in Chinatown.

          Hong Kong Supermarket
          157 Hester St, New York, NY 10013

          1. re: deabot

            oddly, Hong Kong Supermarket did not have it, nor did any of the large Asian supermarkets in Elmhurst - hell, they never even heard of the stuff. odd, huh... I'm going to try Skyfoods and Jmart in Flushing next, both huge Asian groceries that should be ashamed if they don't have it. FYI they are both walking distance from the #7 subway Main St. Station.
            I'll tell you something funny if you are into Engrish jokes... I call the stores and eventually find someone who speaks english and ask; do you sell rice bran oil for cooking and frying, so they keep answering; yes, we have brown rice branD oil... and no matter how many times I repeat myself, spell out braN and braND, etc. - they just don't get it... LOL so I end up going to that store, and of course, they don't have anything remotely like what I asked for.
            BTW if you wonder why I waste all this effort when it would be simpler to order online - it's because l like to walk regularly for my health, and having a store a few miles away to visit on such a "quest" just helps keep my walks interesting.

        2. so here's my follow up on finding this oil in Flushing;
          within walking distance of the Main St #7 subway station are at least
          four big Asian Stores and visited all of them, and here is what I found;
          Hong Kong Supermarket (in Flushing not Elmhurst) no rice oil at all.
          Jmart has a $10/liter price sign for "rice oil" but none were on the shelves.
          SkyFood has no rice oil at all, and the manager has never even heard of it.
          so in disgust I wandered around and stumbled upon somewhere fabulous!

          Assi Plaza : http://www.yelp.com/biz/assi-plaza-fl... http://www.lotteplaza.com/branch/bran...
          honestly, I never knew this place existed, and it's HUGE and there longer.
          it's also a lower rent building which was reflected in many items I priced.
          Assi had dozens of "Rice Bran Oil" bottles for $8/liter,
          not as cheap as Mitsuwa, but certainly worth saving me the trip to Jersey.
          one bonus about Assi - it's the only one of the 4 that actually has people
          on their floor staff that understand English. Parking there is Free, which
          is another bonus as the other places have none or paid parking only.

          so I strongly recommend the next time you Manhattanites need to stock
          up on Asian food, to give these 4 stores a try - you won't regret the trip.
          BTW if you do stock up on the same items, it really pays to price check first
          because the differences between each store can be 20% on the same item.
          My Monthly routine now will be to visit at least 2 of these stores and get what
          I now know they each sell for the best price - weather permitting of course...