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Dec 9, 2011 08:42 AM

Praise Cheeses! Good cheese in Edmonton/Alberta

Big cheese lover. Always looking for better. Sure taste is subjective but I'm no expert so I'm open to suggestions.

Need recommendations for the following:

Cheddar (old) - current go to is Kraft Old cheddar which I'm sure isn't the best.
Mozzarella (dry) - Used to use Kraft yet again, but am now using Franco's from the Italian center.
Mozzarella (wet) - mozzarella di bufula from costco
Gouda - Anything from Sylvan Star Farms esp Old Grizzly. Well worth the price! Italian center has the best price I've found so far in Edmonton. I doubt there is better gouda but it doesn't hurt to ask
Feta - goat feta from Omonia Foods. italian center goat feta is ok but a bit softer than omonia's
Swiss - currently using the packaged slices from costco. Anyone know of better?
Brie - Any suggestions? I just get the wheel from [your local supermarket]
Port Salut - costco

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  1. Buffalo Mozza at Costco? Gotta go and get some. Didn't know they had any.

    Feta - Superstore has Krinos and they do have a sheep one. Which I consider real feta that's how I know it from Greece. Great stuff!

    I also had some smoked Gouda (?) from Costco at a recent party and loved that one!

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    1. re: josey124

      Went to Costco yesterday but they didn't have any buffalo mozza. I guess it's one of those things they get in once in a while :(

      For gouda you definitely have to try Sylvan Star Gouda. I did a taste test with sylvan star vs gouda from superstore, save-on and sobeys. Like night and day. If it ain't from sylvan star, you might as well be eating baby-bel ;P

    2. Try the PC 8 year old cheddar at Superstore. Also try the goat cheese in the tube. (There may be several kinds, but get the plain one, extremely creamy and not overpowering as some can be)
      There are a lot of brie's, try a double cream. Also try an Oka, if you can move from your list.

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      1. re: Scary Bill

        Living in Red deer we are close to the plant at Sylvan Star Cheese at where else - Sylvan Lake.
        The best cheese they have is the Grizzly Gouda which has won at world competitions. Now, they have a gouda with garlic and herbs that again has been judged the best in Canada and I think they will be taking that to the worlds.
        In addition I get the aged cheddar at the Crossroads Market in Calgary that is the oldest they carry. I have neve found better.
        Dean in Red deer

        1. re: carlitguy

          I have some Sylvan Star Old Grizzly in the fridge right now. Nothing better. I am a sucker for a good brie though so I need to try this Ste-Andre. :)

          1. re: maplesugar

            Oh, I love this stuff! You guys may already know this, but Sylvan was recently listed as one of the top 10 cheese producers in Canada by the Dairy Producers of Canada. Sorry - I do not recall the category. Hardly surprising!

            There is an amazing artisan sheep cheese producer near Kitscoty, AB. They raise their sheep and produce several kinds of pecorino and feta. It is just superb! The owner spent a lot of time in Italy perfecting her craft. She and her husband also sell lamb. If you are ever on your way through Lloydminster make sure to stop in.

            1. re: chefathome

              Is there anywhere in Edmonton that carrys the cheese from Kitscotty?

              1. re: EdFoodie

                Just checked their website, and both Paddy's and Everything Cheese are listed as distributors, as well as Planet Organic among others.

              2. re: chefathome

                The Cheesiry in Kitscoty is the name of the amazing sheep cheese producer near Lloydminster. ;)

          2. re: Scary Bill

            Double cream brie is a must. I just heard about Saint Andre which is triple cream. Have to try it at least once before I die. Althought that may just speed things up... ;P

            I tried oka and thought it tasted similar to port salut. Hard to describe the difference but I went with PS due to it having a bit more 'depth' if that means anything.

            1. re: buster3535

              St Andre is devine --like butter. You can usually find it at Costco in Calgary for a good price so i assume you can find it in Edmonton's costco.

              Balderson 2 year old Cheddar is a good aged cheddar for everyday use -- you can usually find it at the grocery store or a big hunk of it at Costco.

              Good luck!

              1. re: Dr. J

                Found Saint Andre on sale at our local Save On. Can't wait to try it this weekend. Triple cream - I should probably make sure I have an AED on standby ;)

            2. Have you been to Paddy's International Cheese Market? 12509 102 Avenue
              You'll find a large selection of cheeses you won't get anywhere else in Edmonton.

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              1. re: mpad

                Or Everything Cheese as well.

                Both Paddy's and Everything Cheese will let you try a sample before you buy.

                1. re: anonymoose

                  Hmmm. I've avoided going to those places due to a preconceived notion that everything there would be overpriced. Maybe it's time to pop that cherry.

                  Everything Cheese 14912-45 ave.
                  Does anyone know if that cheese shop right next to Tokyo Noodle on whyte ave is still around? Closer to home.

                  1. re: buster3535

                    That was Paddy's. Now moved to 12509 102 Avenue

              2. Kind of related. Superstore sells a Pear Paste around Christmas that is amazing with Brie and a Triscuit.

                1. Italian Centre, Hellas ( off 124th street) , and Costco are good sources for cheeses that are not "local". Planet Organic carries some artisanal style cheeses. And I think I ve seen some Salt Spring Island cheeses at Save On. Paddy's is overpriced , but the only place where I have found some French cheeses like Comte