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Dec 9, 2011 08:31 AM

STL- Food Delivery to Benton Park Area?

Any ideas for food delivery to the Benton Park area of STL. Not able to fly in for memorial service and flowers are a waste. (Deceased would agree.) So I'm trying to get a delivery of something to the home after tomorrow's service.



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  1. You may want to try the Patti Long Catering Company.

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      I'm not sure what kind of thing you are looking for, but there are lots of places in Benton Park. Blues City Deli( makes wonderful sandwiches, they don't deliver as a rule, but might make an exception if you called & asked them. Bittersweet Bakery ( does absolutely beautiful baked goods. Again, I'm not sure if they 'offer' delivery, but if you make it worth their while, they may...both of these places are privately owned and if you call you will probably be able to talk to someone who make that kind of decision. Hodaks (,known for their fried chicken) is in Benton Park, maybe a tray of chicken & some sides? If all else fails, you can always call Panera, which is known here as St. Louis Bread Company...your closest location is probably South Grand or the one in Soulard ( I think your idea is a very nice one.

    2. Also Sugaree Bakery always keeps trays of their wonderful cookies frozen, and they can get them where they need to go. I have used them when we were out of town and needed to do something similar. They also sometimes have chicken pies and dessert pies, but those are more difficult to manage at the last minute. Talk to Pat or Jim, the owners, nice folks.

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