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Dec 9, 2011 07:50 AM

what to do with tomato sauce

I accidently bought a case of tomato sauce instead of diced tomatoes. Any suggestions for how to use it? All of the pasta sauce and soup recipes I've found call for diced tomatoes.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Hmm. What kind is it? I take it it's not like ketchup, but more like a pasata? If it is, try searching for pasata, you'll probably find a lot more ideas.

    But yeah, it should make a pretty good sauce for pizza with some oregano in there, and don't worry about using it in a pasta sauce - it will be fine.
    also, if you're making a ragu, for lasagna or bolognese, it should be perfect.

    1. Subbing it for the diced tomatoes won't make a big difference in most recipes. Use it for pasta sauce, chili, tomato soup, seafood chowders/soups, vegetable soups, stews.

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        I often replace tinned tomatoes with passata, I much prefer the richness and texture, or use a mix of 50/50

      2. great base for homemade BBQ sauce

        1. Agree with the others that you can always doctor it up, though I'd say the blander, the better for that. You could also thin it with some fish stock and add saffron and make a nice fish stew, or if it's a bland enough one, use it as the base for some curries (that woudl work better for the basic Hunt's can, rather than like a Classico jar). Or spice it up with some cayenne and cumin and paprika and chorizo and chickpeas, then serve with a poached egg over the top with crusty bread.

          1. You can also use in place of tomato purée. Just understand that some flavoring has been added already. Hopefully it isn't one with bell pepper flavor because I find that less versatile. Curry recipes sometimes call for tomato.