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Dec 9, 2011 07:34 AM

sides for smoked turkey

Hey Hounds,
Stress-o-the-season has gotten the better of me this year, and I'm out of inspiration for a holiday meal next weekend. The centerpiece is smoked turkey from Nueske's (have you had one? They are delicious!), served warm or room-temp. It's a lunch-time meal, and I don't really envision this as the full-turkey meal so would rather not get into stuffing, sweet potatoes and the like. There is no gravy! What brilliant sides are you all coming up with for holiday meals this year?

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  1. A friend always served her home smoked turkey stuffed with cherry tomatoes - very festive looking.

    1. Hi! Hmm. Well I'm not a fan of turkey, and I haven't tried this one, but I find turkey can be a tad dry. So I guess you'd want to make up for the no gravy. How about a nice potato salad? Not particularly innovative, but I imagine it would go really well.

      And Chow had a feature on potato salads a year or so back, could be some inspiration if you're bored of plain ol' potato salads.

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        Funny you should mention that Soop...potato salad was the first thing that came to my mind as a perfect foil to the smokiness of the turkey. I would add to that a green bean dish that I do which is simply green beans, blanched, then tossed in the pan with caramelized shallots and a sprinkling of toasted sesame seeds.

        1. re: LiveRock

          mmm, that sounds good... Hey how about some roasted asparagus spears too?

        2. re: Soop

          I might suggest a potato salad made with 1/2 sweet potatoes, a little chopped tart green apple, toasted pecans (can even use candied spiced nuts), some golden raisins or currants, and a dressing made with mayo, major gray's chutney and a little cider vinegar for balance.
          I made this a few times a few years ago in late fall when it was still warm out, but it came up in a discussion a couple days ago with a Chowhound down in New Zealand for the holidays where it was warm and she needed sides...
          Seems like the slightly sweet/tart take on potato salad would be great with a smoked bird!

          1. re: gingershelley

            That sounds wonderful! You should stck that up in the recipes!

            1. re: Soop

              Thank you Soop, it is really good, and just enough unusual to be fun - while delicious!

        3. I like to serve smoked turkey with homemade Mac and cheese, baked beans, and a nice chopped salad.

            1. re: monavano

              Pears cooked with ginger,in a vinegary simple syrup ....cooled or room temperature or red cabbage ,kraut works .Corn,either corn bread,pudding,creamed,but smoked meat and corn just work for me

                1. re: monavano

                  Not a side, but how about some nice soft dinner rolls and a nice mustard and mayo so your guests can make a little sandwich if they wish. Also some kind of cranberry relish would be nice.

            2. I would go with something acidic or tart, fo a side. I was at a friends for Thanksgiving and she had the best coleslaw I ever tasted. Regular creamy slaw recipe w/ the addition of walnuts, mandarin orange slices and tons of craisens (dried cranberries). The craisens really were amazing - I don't even like them on their own - for how they twanged that slaw.