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Dec 9, 2011 07:19 AM

yum yum man

I lived in Hoboken during the 50s. Each park in the city had a hot dog wagon and a yum yum man. The yum yum man had an orange push cart that housed a freezer containing different flavor Italian ice. One was yum yum. It was the best. 10 cents. Years later in the 80s i was at the Seaside boardwalk by the carousel on the south end. In there was in lemom ice counter that listed yum yum among it's flavors. I couldn't believe it. I went to get some and the attendent said it wasn't carried anymore because no on purchased it. ( No one could identify with the flavor ). I guess it was a Hoboken thing.
So maybe it's still around somewhere.

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  1. Victorboski - check out this earlier thread on yum yum

    1. Forklaw beat me to it, but my first ever post on CH was about yum yum. That stuff was delicious. Great memories victorboski!

      1. Lybdhurst Bakery still sells Yum Yum.