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Dec 9, 2011 06:12 AM

Burgers Bar - Cedarhurst

Does anybody know why it closed down?

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  1. they weren't doing enough business to pay the extremely high rent on Central Ave?

    1. The one in Teaneck closed as well.

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      1. re: DebbyT

        Gotham Burger Co. will open in its place (Teaneck).

      2. Because the food was awful. The Burgers Bars in Israel are quite good by the way.

        1. I understand that a new Burger place will open (opened?) in its place. I think it is called "Burger" or "".

          Any comments or updates?

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          1. re: MartyB

            Well if it's the same folks who run the place in Philly I think you are in for a treat. I have not been there personally (my son has) but the reviews are very good.

            1. re: SoCal Mother

              Went there yesterday. It is called Burger, new owners, same exact offerings as the prior Burger Bar.

              1. re: MartyB

                Not the same, new owners, Gotham burger company...opens in February I believe

                1. re: jerseychef2011

                  I think MartyB was referring to the one that opened in the 5 towns.

                  Jerseychef, are you the owner of the Gotham Burger Company?

                  1. re: KosherChef

                    No sir, just an acquaintance...looks promising