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Dec 9, 2011 04:28 AM

In the UAE, I'm dying for real corn beef & pastrami sandwiches and Gray's Papaya hot dogs!!!

I am a New Yorker and I so miss the staples of home. I have lived in the UAE for almost 3 years, and during that time, I have searched for real corn beef & pastrami sandwiches, Gray's Papaya hot dogs& real New York Bagels. I have searched in Abu Dhabi and Dubai with no luck. I've even gone to Festival City because I heard that their was a New York "like" diner there. It was a horrid experience. It didn't even come close.

Tim Horton's bagels, while not New York bagels, satisfy my carb reminders of home. But, I need my CORN BEEF & PASTRAMI SANDWICHES!!! Oh, and with the deli mustard and the pickles. Yum!!

I went to several Irish pubs, and they serve the canned corn beef and I don't want to guess at what they made the sauerkraut out of.

When missing home, family and friends, is it to much to ask for a wonderful taste of home? I hope not

If anyone out there in the cyberworld, can help me live the corn beef & pastrami sandwich dream, please post and let me know. I'm willing to have it shipped!!

P.S. If you know where a person can find a decent hotdog too, I would appreciate the information. I know it won't be Gray's Papaya, but anything close will do.

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  1. The closest I have got to an amazing pastrami sandwich is at cucina at the courtyard marriot DIP ..... Try it

      1. Katz offers "Nationwide Shipping"
        Would you have someone in the states who can receive and re-ship?

        1. Honestly my suggestion is that you make it at home. Its not terribly difficult to do.

          Finding the rye bread is going to be much harder though.

          1. you can buy American pastrami in Lulu Hypermarket in Barsha. Mo's in City Walk also has a Rueben on their menu