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May 23, 2006 01:11 PM

Petrillo's Pizza off menu --- Thin Crust

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Last Night I went to Petrillo's on Valley Blvd. in San Gabriel. After 40 years of going there and being very happy with the crust, sauce, cheese, peperoni and sausage (IMO the best I have had in L.A. if not the U.S.A.) I thought I would make a special request for something not on the menu -- "Thin Crust." My server said, "Ya. Sure." I asked could it be maybe 1/4" thick like I recently had in Boston? Again, "Sure. I will tell the cook."

This was the best pizza I have ever had. The crust had more of the crispy edge and yet still had that taste and chew that I have always craved from Petrillo's. A thin crust does not leave you with a feeling of being -- overfull? I took home the leftover pizza and ate some for breakfast as I always do with Petrillo's and the thin crust is even better cold than their regular crust. It still has a crispy edge.

Finally, I had had so many thin crust pizzas recently while looking to replace that great one I had in Boston that I forgot what a good pizza looks like. Petrillo's filled the top with peperoni and sausage. After eating 1/3 of it there we walked out the door with a box of pizza that weighed more than two of some of the other places I have been to in L.A.

Petrillo's Pizza
833 E Valley Blvd
San Gabriel, CA 91776
(626) 280-7332

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  1. Traveling to Boston next week ... where was the best pizza in Boston? TIA.

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    1. re: Stonerose

      Ya, Chowhound has a GREAT Boston Board. Sorry we cannot discuss Boston here so Check out the Boston Board and my link below.

      What I was looking for here in L.A. was a thin crust like the one I had in Boston. IMO the crust is the foundation of the pizza. Petrillo's has a true pizza crust and not a cracker crust like so many places. When I asked them to make it as a thin crust I was not sure if it would keep that chew that I like so much. It was perfect. Try Petrillo's and compare with the place place at the old North End in Boston.


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        Hi all,

        As Like Go Eat's mentioned, we ask that everyone keep the Los Angeles board focused on L.A. eats. For discussing chow found in Boston, please start a new conversation on the Boston board. Thanks.


      2. OK, OK, I've read so many posts about Petrillo's for so long and I'm usually on my way to chow down on wonderful Chinese food nearby, but this weekend I'm gonna grab my teen (as of last Friday) twin lads and take them for a belated birthday pizza feast. While I always prefer SGV Chinese to ANY pizza, the lads are unfortunately just the opposite, they do know good pizza but would prefer Domino's to the best Chinese where they mostly eat steamed rice. The sacrifices a single dad must make!!!

        It better be good, no - GREAT!

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        1. re: sel

          You are a good dad! The pizza will be great. One more thing. If you want it cut like a pie make that request also otherwise it will look like someome on crack cut it up.

          Petrillo's Pizza
          833 E Valley Blvd
          San Gabriel, CA 91776
          (626) 280-7332

            1. re: Like-Go-Eat?

              How exactly does a crack head cut a pizza?


              1. re: jeffro

                Nice link!

                Petrillo's offeres three sizes of pizza - S,M,&L.
                The small is a round pizza cut into pie shape slices.
                The large is a huge rectangle cut in to square slices.

                But the problem is with the med pizza. It is round and yet they try to cut it into square slices. IMO that really does not work and it is better to request pie cut. Last night when I requested thin crust (1/4" thin) I forgot to also ask for pie cut when I ordered the med size. I still have three small "corner slices?" of that round pizza. OTOH they might be good with some ranch dressing.

                Petrillo's Pizza
                833 E Valley Blvd
                San Gabriel, CA 91776
                (626) 280-7332

          1. Hey Like, if you like thin crust, you should try the one at Carmine's to see how you like it - always cooked well done. I am a fan of Petrillo's but actually like Carmine's better. I have not been to the location in Arcadia, only the So Pasadena one. LMK what you think - I would love to hear.

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            1. re: WildSwede

              The last time I had a pizza at Carmine's was before I fell in love with the Italian cheese-steak sandwich that they have. Since that first cheese -steak that is all I now order when we go there. We did like the special veggie pizza. I do not even know whether they still offer it but It had things like cauliflower and broccoli that were great on their pizza and did not add moisture to the crust like so many other veggies do. Overall I lioke Petrillo's pizza better crust against crust, cheese against cheese and oh that sausage. But I agree that we were never unhappy with Carmine's pizza. It is a quality pizza and you get your monies worth unlike most other places. One other thing. I love Carmine's back door take-out in Arcadia. It reminds me of someplace in Brick City -- timeless.

            2. a
              Argyle Of Sock

              What a coincidence, we ordered this (by accident no less) this weekend...

              You see, last time we tried the thick crust and, although good for what it was, we decided it wasn't our cup of tea. So when we ordered, my girlfriend said "thin crust" (as opposed to thick crust)...not thinking that "thin crust" would be different than the normal crust...

              And wow, I have to say, the thin crust at Petrillo's is great. It's crunchy and holds up well with all the toppings - definitely worth a try! I think I'll have to start ordering it this way all the time :)

              1. I wish they would build a Petrillo's in the San Diego area. Please!!