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Z Garden Replaces Tom's #1 on Pico Blvd. in Santa Monica

Servorg Dec 9, 2011 03:34 AM

Another new restaurant I noticed on my morning bike ride was this place called Z Garden, just west of Josie and her new Next Door on the same (south) side of the street. Grub Street LA has this information: http://losangeles.grubstreet.com/2011... and I note that Yelp had one review (only one Yelp review...I guess that shows how truly new this place is).

Z Garden
2350 Pico Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90405

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  1. Servorg RE: Servorg Dec 9, 2011 06:18 AM

    Looks like there are actually 7 Yelp reviews: http://www.yelp.com/biz/z-garden-sant...

    1. Servorg RE: Servorg Feb 27, 2012 05:10 PM

      I had their chicken shwarma plate with rice and side salad and tried their pina colada and mango smoothie the other day. This place is really quite good. Both the chicken and the rice were top notch and the smoothie was delicious. I had this via Eat24 delivery and the food was still way above average despite the delivery (which was about 45 minutes). I have to get over here and try it hot out of the kitchen some night. Anyone else tried this place yet? Bula?

      (and now they have 55 Yelp reviews): http://www.yelp.com/biz/z-garden-sant...

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      1. re: Servorg
        thranduil RE: Servorg Feb 28, 2012 06:49 AM

        We've been a couple of times and like it. We also like the Hungry Pocket but that is farther for us to go and also does not have same dine-in atmosphere.

        1. re: thranduil
          Servorg RE: thranduil Feb 28, 2012 06:51 AM

          Have you tried any of the other entrees other than the chicken shwarma? If so what do you like best?

          1. re: Servorg
            thranduil RE: Servorg Feb 28, 2012 07:04 AM

            We got the kebabs the last time. We liked the chicken better than the lamb/beef ones. I think we liked the basbousa more than the baklava, which was also fine. We've been meaning to try the lamb shank and lamb chops.

            1. re: thranduil
              Servorg RE: thranduil Feb 28, 2012 07:21 AM

              I thought the rice they served with my shwarma was stellar. Taste and the fluffyness were great. And that dressing with the little side salad was a garlic lovers dream. That stuff is definitely addictive. How is the service when you dine in? I noticed that some of the comments on Yelp said that the service seemed on the "slow" side. Did you find that too?

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