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Dec 9, 2011 03:19 AM

How do you make pork stew more flavorful?

I've made pork stew and not only does the meat looked "anemic" as compared to beef....but I find it quite blah.

Any suggestions please?

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  1. you need to edit your post and tell us:

    what ingredients and recipe you used,

    and what cut of meat,

    and how you prepared the stew in steps.

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    1. re: alkapal

      It was quite a long time ago I can't remember what cut of meat it was. I've got a picnic pork shoulder in the freezer right now....I am thinking of using that. Will that cut be good?

    2. Yes, I agree, more information is needed. Did you brown the meat first?

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      1. re: wyogal

        Yes I did. But if I browned it enough....that's the question. :)
        I will have to make sure to really brown it this time.

        1. re: angustia

          Make sure you don't overload the pan when you're searing (browning) it off. Otherwise it will steam and you won't get good flavor. There should be enough room left around each piece of meat so that they don't touch or be overcrowded.

          Here's a photo of a crockpot pork stew recipe that I make that also had cornbread dumplings. Delicious.

      2. Add a little heat like hot peppers or at least some chili powder.

        1. Consider adding tomatoes or tomato paste.

          1. Nopales. Try something like this:


            except don't use fresh cactus. You can buy it in a jar.