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Dec 9, 2011 03:05 AM

Din tai fung in taipei

I've been hearing rave reviews about din tai fung in taipei. We have din tai fung opened in sydney a year or so ago and its so hyped up. The food is average, kind of westernised and very expensive.

I was wondering whether the food is the same in the taipei branches. Anyone who has tried both?

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  1. I'd not tried the Sydney outlet, but am sure the taste would *not* be the same as the one in Taipei. Even the food served in Din Tai Fung's outlets in Singapore did not taste the same as the outlets in Taipei - one major contributing factor is the fact that our food sources are different: Taipei uses the local black pig (for the "xiao long bao" meat filling) and mountain chicken for the famous chicken soup, and the Taiwanese meats have their own distinct flavors (genes, type of animal feed used, etc).

    I tried Kuala Lumpur's Din Tai Fung outlets and the food was better than the ones in Singapore, but lagged behind Din Tai Fung in HK and Shanghai - so standards do vary across the Asia-Pacific region.

    I wonder how "xiao long bao" made using Aussie pork would taste like, as the pork in Australia has a distinct smell which made it unsuitable for Chinese soups or lightly-flavored dishes.

    1. i've tried a few branches in taipei and i only found them so so. the consomme soup was good but the xlb was only borderline edible. the top groups of restaurant for xiao lung baos are joe's shanghai, jing ding, and dtf, with dtf having the most branches, and the most mediocre food. (just like quanjude for peking duck: many branches, most famous, but have very mediocre food)

      if u ever get the chance, joe's shanghai in flushing new york is the best outlet for xlb in the world imho, number 2 being jing ding in taipei. since xlb doesn't have to be a full meal, u can try both jd and dtf and you'll see the difference.

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        JFL, where in Taipei is Jing Ding? Street name and MRT stop would be helpful. Thanks.
        Also I agree that Joe's in Flushing serves an excellent xlb.

        By the way, Taipei DTF is good, but not even close to Jia Jia Tang Bao in Shanghai.

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          sorry it's more like jin din. i only have the addresses in chinese, someone can translate if they know mandarin:



          i went to the second one.

          1. re: japanesefoodlover

            Google Translate is your friend:

            Jingding Kodate
            Dunhua North Road, Taipei City 155-13
            TEL :02-2546-7711

            Jingding House
            No. 47 Changchun Road, Taipei City
            TEL :02-2523-6639

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              Thanks, very helpful. Is the 2nd one near Zhong Shan North Rd?

              1. re: citywayne

                Yeah, more or less. It's about a block north and a block east from the rear of the Regent Hotel on Changchun between Linsen and Xinsheng North Road. I haven't actually been there, but it's on my list (and close to my house).

                To get there, go to Zhongshan MRT station, out exit 4, and walk east towards Zhongshan North Road. Cross Zhongshan and turn left, walking past the Regent Hotel on your right until you get to Changchun Road (the Gucci store is on the corner. Turn right onto Changchun and walk until you cross Linsen, and it will be on your left. The walk should take you about 10 minutes.

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                Ahh Jing Ding Xiao Guan...sounds familiar.


       oolong tea XLB.