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Dec 8, 2011 11:04 PM

san fernando valley

Any decent places for a nice dinner near Northridge? We always end up on Ventura Blvd.(which we love) but don't live near. Not a fan of big chains, and would like to have wine ,and good service.

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  1. Budget? Likes? Dislikes?

    1. i like Alexis Greek restaurant on Tampa at Nordhoff.

      1. Best Thai in LA -- Lum-ka-naad ***BYO wine - no corkage ***

        8920 Reseda Boulevard Northridge, CA 91324
        (818) 882-3028

        1. Bistro Alessio on Reseda - Good Italian -
          Jasmine - Porter Ranch - Thai -
          The Odyssey - Off Rinaldi - Steak house -
          Angelo's - Devonshire St. - Italian -
          Musahi - Porter Ranch - Japanese -

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          1. re: francisd

            I have been to Alessio around Christmas one year. The food was good, but it was really noisy and service painfully slow. Maybe it was just that night. Haven't been back. Will look into your other choices...thank you

            1. re: peggille

              I would skip Odyssey, personally. Great view but that's about it.

              There are plenty of mom-and-pop ethnic choices in and around the Northridge area but it sounds like you're looking for more of a fine dining experience...I'm not sure you're going to find that here.

              1. re: jencounter

                I agree on the Odyssey. Mediocre banquet chicken and steak. See also: Orange Hill, Castaways.

          2. I second francisd's recommendation for ANGELO'S. Delicious, fresh ingredients, and personable service. It's at Devonshire and Mason, near Carrow's and Casa de Carlos. It's more expensive than Alessio's, but worth the extra price.

            In that same shopping corner, CAFE ORIENT is a nice casual restaurant.

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            1. re: brandygirl

              Good suggestion. Don't know if they are busy, but left my name for reservation.

              1. re: brandygirl

                Third Angelo's. We've been going here for years.

                I can't tell if you're looking for fine dining, or just good food with wine and good service. There aren't many options for fine dining in the North/West valley. Some of our faves are:

                Cafe Graikos (Porter Ranch) - Greek
                Roy's (Woodland Hills) - Asian Fusion -- yes, it's a chain, but the food and service are always good
                Morton's (Woodland Hills) - Steakhouse -- again a chain, but excellent, with a great wine list
                Rincome (Granada Hills) - Thai -- casual place, but good food and service

                I've also heard good things about L'Affaire Cafe (Cafe L'Affaire?) in Mission Hills for french food but I haven't tried it myself.

                1. re: boogiebaby

                  We did try Angelos. The owners were very nice, and staff as well. The food was very nice, and light . It did not have a fine dining feel, however. It felt more like a family kind of place that serves wine. What was disappointing was the poor quality bread served cold with a big ball of cold garlic butter......and the bright lighting, and it was cold in there!( maybe because it wasn't very crowded) I thought it was pricey considering the location and lack of ambiance.