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Dec 8, 2011 08:54 PM

Where can I buy quality coffee beans near Marlboro?

I've decided to get into coffee. Maybe that sounds funny. My coffee experiences are limited to Starbucks, basically, though that's not what I would consider a good cup of coffee.

Basically, I'd like to try this:

So, I'd like to buy some high quality beans and grind them myself. I found this place in Manalpan:

But, they offer only unroasted (green) beans. I'd like wet-processed, organic, single origin, Arabican beans.

Does anyone have any experiences or knowledge of a place within a reasonable distance of Marlboro NJ? (I'm hoping for no more than 10 miles, but if it's worth it, I'll travel farther).

Or should I just do mail order?

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  1. Have you tried Delicious Orchards in Colts Neck?

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    1. re: roccomingus

      Good idea. Been there many times, but never thought of it. Thanks!

      1. re: HillJ

        Thanks, HillJ. I did some more "Google Sleuthing" and actually found a place in Morganville, where I live. They have exactly what I want, and I'm heading there next week.

        It just goes to show you never know what's in your own backyard. But thanks for the suggestions.

        From the email reply I received:

        We do carry a varietal of several direct trade coffees that are of the highest quality that you will not find anywhere including the city. These are our reserve coffees and can only be purchased from our Morganville location.

        Oh, and they now supply coffee to Delicious Orchards as well!

        1. re: MarlboroMan

          So glad you asked! I have been thinking of buying an espresso machine and your post reminded me! Any suggestions please? I will also be trying out the suggestions for beans too! Thanks for asking I never thought of it and will toast toyou when I drink a great cup of coffee MarlboroMan!

        2. re: HillJ

          For another option, I'm enjoying the coffee I bought at Turnstile in Belmar. Good variety, some the bring in, some they roast in house. Nice place, right on Rt. 71.

          1. re: ooi82much

            Thanks for the info, ooi. What did you wind up buying?

            1. re: HillJ

              ... oops! "some they bring in ..."

              And I got two selections:

              A Nicaraguan Segovia and a Rwandan Tumba Cocatu.

              I explained that I've been enjoying Sumatran coffee lately, looking for something similar, so they recommended one of these -- I don't remember which they recommended, frankly, but I think the Nicaraguan. It's a bit more strong/robust than the Rwandan from the two batches I've brewed.

              The kid behind the counter wasn't so well informed about the coffees, but he was friendly, and happy to get the advice from a woman who seemed to know what she was talking about (owner? manager?).

              For what it's worth, I'm grinding in a spice grinder & brewing in a French press. Having good results, although I miss my burr grinder that recently passed into the non-functional!

              Learning not to buy too much at once, so I'm happy to find someplace local that I can get to conveniently.

              I like the Green Planet latte, but they only offer one variety of bean by the pound, and it's not to my taste. They're another option for you, with a few locations including Point Pleasant and Manasquan.

              1. re: ooi82much

                Nicaraguan Segovia and a Rwandan Tumba Cocatu
                My kind of beans, ooi. Delicious. I even bake muffins with the Tumba C.

                1. re: HillJ

                  Then you'll probably appreciate this place. I drove by it on my way down 71 last week, and had to turn around and check it out. If I'm remembering correctly, it's right across the street from an old favorite of mine (a couple of owners & locations ago), Mr. Shrimp.

                  Turnstile is a nice place. Roaster out in the open, and selected bags of beans by the counter.

                  By the way, I've also shopped at the Platypus, at the Shrewsbury location and in Princeton. Great that they have a selection of beans, but I'm never confident about how long they've been sitting in the store, and at the Princeton location, the coffee is decidedly an afterthought to the furniture and home decorating stuff!

                  I love their cool, funky selection of stuff, just not my preferred coffee option.

                  1. re: ooi82much

                    I've placed them on my radar, I know exactly where they are-thanks.
                    And, I've come to agree with you regarding Platypus. Age is a is the dust mites and store odor.

        3. I know HillJ has already mentioned it but I'd like to +1 the rec for Jersey Shore Coffee Roasters. Wide selection of beans, blends, free trade, single origin, and organics. I'm a blend guy, I like their Moka-Java, and for a stronger cup their Hammerhead blend. The hot chocolate mix they sell is also excellent, especially this time of year.

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          1. re: Herm

            I also enjoy Moka-Java and it's harder and harder to come by. The more local roasters we have the better imho. MMan, I'll check out your rec in the weeks ahead. We go thru a good deal of beans and I like having a local relationship with folks who take great pride in their techniques and variety-sources. Happy brewing!

            I noted the nod to David Burke.

          2. Drove by this place in Hightstown over the weekend.

            1. I often order from a Greenwich Village place -- Porto Rico -
              My favorite is the Danish Blend. They have good online sales.

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              1. re: foodieiam

                Not quite in your vicinity, but I am always sure to stop at Beans on Church Street in Montclair when I'm in the neighborhood. They have some really good blends. It has been there since 1974.