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Dec 8, 2011 07:50 PM

DC Hound needs help in/near Cape May Xmas weekend

Friend and I are going to be in Cape May for just 2 nights, so looking for nice places to eat that are open December 24th-26th. Short of making 200 phone calls, looking for advice on places that are likely to be open this time of year.


P.S. Not putting details on price range or cuisine, because I figure I can't be too picky off-season on Xmas weekend!

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  1. I've been vacationing in Cape May for about 15 years now both on and off season and it is always difficult in the off season especially when some restaurants close for the season. Cape May has definitely become more all year round town because they have so many festivals year round now.
    The Black Duck, on Sunset Blvd in West Cape May, I've had good experiences there, I think that they might be open year round, at least their website doesn't indicate otherwise. Copperfish on Broadway might also be open year round. The Blue Pig Tavern in Congress is open year round as well. I have never been so I can't say either way. I have always had a good experience at the Peter Shields Inn as well. Tisha's is also open year round. The Mad Batter for Breakfast/Brunch.
    Here is a link from I don't if all the restaurants are listed but its also a good start.
    If I can think of anything else I will let you know.

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      Blue Pig Tavern and Copperfish as above noted are both open that weekend per Open Table. We've been to Copperfish during the was great. I just hope that you would get the same great fresh food, interesting menu and friendly waitstaff on a big holiday weekend. I also highly recommend The Mad Batter for breakfast/'s a Jersey treasure. It's too bad that The Washington Inn is closed that weekend...that's also a great place. Have fun!

    2. Thanks!

      We've got a table at Copperfish on the 24th, and at Blue Pig on Xmas Day. Will report back!