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Dec 8, 2011 07:06 PM

Vancouver resturants/shopping for teenager?


My 16 y/o son and I will be in Vancouver next week for Prince and Guns N' Roses. We live in a small town in the middle of nowhere that lacks in decent resturants and shopping so we plan on making up for it big time during our visit. I hope you can help me make this an awesome trip for him.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to resturants and/or shopping that would impress a 16 y/o boy? He is a hard rock guitartist so music/guitar shops and t-shirt shops would impress as would anything to do with gaming. I heard there was some x-box preview set-up at Park Royal mall. Is this still in existance? Will the downtown HMV still be open next week?

As for resturants he loves sushi and the usual teen fare, pizza, burgers, etc.. We are going to try some of food trucks, Japadog, Veras, The Templeton, Sushi Mart, Aki and Ebisu on Robson. He was too young to have experienced Planet Hollywood or the Hard Rock Cafe. Are there any places like that anymore? Any places with live music that allows minors?

We will be staying at the Hyatt downtown and will not have a car so we need things within walking distance or easily accessed by public transit.

Any resturants, shopping or music related suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks kindly and happy holidays to all.

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  1. Romer's burgers on West 4th is a good notch above Vera's and is a nice, lively setting - it's a short bus trip from Downtown (catch a 4 or 7 from Granville St) and has an interesting selection of burgers. There's been a bunch of Neapolitan-style pizza places opening up - try Nicli Antica in Gastown.

    We have quite a deficit of live music venues - I'm drawing a blank on possibilities that are not 19+ - but there are a few all ages shows that a google search along the lines of [concert vancouver all ages] might turn up. Various cafes might bring in some music here and there. Not sure if it would appeal to a 16 year old but Kino cafe on Cambie has regular live Flamenco - might appeal to his guitar interest? The food is not so great though.

    If he's into metal, take him to Scrape records on Broadway, just east of Main. Zulu records is on 4th (near Romer's) is more broad/indie focused, worth a visit too.

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      I was perusing Christmas show info and came across an all ages show with local bands at the Dodson - a new venue that's focusing on all ages shows with community performers:

      On the chow front - izakaya would be very teen friendly (plenty of fun even without the beer). Guu on Thurlow would be my pick.

      Yeah, Granville has a big music store and t-shirt shops (pretty hard to miss those).

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        Thanks Kinnickinnik! I had a quick peek at Scrape Records site. He will love that place and I see there is a AYCE sushi place right there too (Jiro). The kid wont know what hit him! :-)

        Romers looks amazing so we will head up there and check out Zulu's too. Plus I see the Boardroom is up there as well. The kid also snowboards and skateboards. The Boardroom has been a fantastic mail order source for us so it will be nice to actually see their store.

        This is shaping up to be an excellent trip for him. Yeah!!!! I'm pushing him towards Vancouver for his post secondary education but his small minded small town friends keep telling him Vancouver is all pot heads and East Hastings. I will be so happy when he discovers how awesome Vancouver really is and how it has everything he could possibly want and then some.

        Thanks again and I will go check out that latest link.

        1. re: ChristineCanuck

          Another fun place to go might be the Galley at the Jericho Sailing Centre - for another slice of Vancouver culture - though you'll want to be indoors instead of their great patio this time of year (also only open weekend over the winter)

          Perhaps a tour around the UBC campus will warm him to studies here :-)

          1. re: ChristineCanuck

            If you do go to scrape, antisocial is pretty good skate shop and it's just around the corner @ main and broadway. Sushiyama is right by there as well and they've got pretty good sushi and exceptionally reasonable prices. As mentioned the rock shop on Granville should be good for band tshirts. The whole block around the boardroom has tons of skate/snowboard shops and Zulu is really close by. Zulu is a must go to; it's considered one of the best independent music stores in north America! Hope you guys have fun, most 16 year olds thoroughly enjoy Vancouver.

            1. re: barcosbarcos

              If it fits your schedule, Friday's the day to hit Zulu:

              A block down and accross the street from Zulu is Sophies Cosmic Cafe. Not chow-worthy by any means, but solid and such a long-time Vancouver institution that he may enjoy the experience

              1. re: kinnickinnik

                Thanks Kinnickinnik and everyone else for your great suggestions. Zulus it is Friday afternoon. Looks like a lot of fun. Sophies looks fun too but it will have to be Romers cause I have my heart set on that maple bacon burger, I want to go to Blondys too but that will have to wait until we are back again in May for Rammstien.

                I had the idea to relive my youth and go to The Planatarium for a Zep or Floyd laser light show but no shows in December and January will be the last month ever for laser rock shows in Vancouver. :-(

                I think the kid will have an awesome time. We go to Calgary often so if he likes Calgary he's going to love Vancouver!

      2. Downtown Granville st. seems to fit th bill for your son. Doesnt take long to walk the length of it ..
        plenty of music/ t-shirt shops (rock shop etc), and restaurants. I don't get down there much except for the occasional concert, so I can't recommend any particular restaurant, but there are plenty to chose from that Im sure your son will like.

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        1. re: jmil

          Thanks jmil. Granville it is! Sounds like he will blow all his Christmas cash just on one street!

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            I still haven't made it to Stackhouse, alas, but that is a burger place right on Granville that might fit the bill.

            If you want to go a bit up the ladder from AYCE for your sushi, Shuraku is on that strip also and is quite memorable (offering a wider selection in case the 'rents want to try something a bit different) but not expensive.

            A branch of Chronic tacos just opened along that strip as well. Maybe not the most amazing tacos ever but tasty and the shop might appeal to a young lad.

            1. re: grayelf

              Also note the strip in question-a block from where I live-is only a 10 minute walk from Granville Island-you could hit the fleshpots of GI then take the passenger ferry across False Creek for an easy walk back to your hotel.

              The award for the Coolest Place to eat on Boarder's Row goes to Blondy's 1705 W 4th Ave

              1. re: Sam Salmon

                Great idea about the ferry, Sam. What's good at Blondy's? I went once for lunch and was pretty disappointed in both the food and the coffee. It is a nice space for sure.

                1. re: grayelf

                  The boarding demographic doesn't care if food/drink are good it's cute servers that count.


                    1. re: Sam Salmon

                      In that case, any Cactus Club/Milestones/Earl's will do !

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                  ALso, Zakkushi is on that 4th Ave strip which features meat on skewers which I could see being popular with teens.

                  1. re: waver

                    They're also on Denman, even closer to the OP's location FWIW:


              2. A couple of sushi joints where I seemed to be the oldest cohort by a longshot, The Clubhouse on W. 2nd, and The Eatery on W. Broadway:



                Also, along lower Robson near Denman are a plethora of Japanese & Korean eateries that would be fun for the young and young-at-heart.

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                  Yup full of ESL students from all over the place

                  1. re: LotusRapper

                    OMG we must go to The Eatery. Looks like a blast! The menu is awesome. Lovin all those fancy drinks too. Thanks LotusRapper!

                    1. re: ChristineCanuck

                      Um, you may not necessarily want to show him the "gallery" link on The Eatery's homepage. Cuz frankly I'm not sure where that part plays into their menu .........

                      1. re: LotusRapper

                        A big thank you to all the ChowHounds who made our Vancouver trip fantastic. The locals were so nice and the weather lovely. We loved The Templeton and Romers. The Eatery was awesome and will be revisiting every chance we get. The kid loved the shops along Granville and Scrape Records. I wish we had more time to explore. I think the next visit will be for condo shopping! Thanks again for all the great suggestions!