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Dec 8, 2011 06:45 PM

Ideas for Christmas Day long drive

My husband and I are going to be driving 6 hours to go my brother's house for dinner at 1pm. (The more I think about it, the more crazy I think we are for doing this.) SInce I don't know if even fast food places would be open on Christmas morning--and I'd like something nicer anyway--I'm trying to think of what would be something delicious and relatively easy to eat in the car. Only things I've thought of so far are rotisserie chicken sandwiches or quiche (I can feed my husband while he drives).

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  1. I know you'll have to rise & shine early to make your destination on time but if it's breakfast you're concerned about, you could cook some bacon, sausage or other meat the night before & refrigerate. In the morning, it takes a couple of minutes to scramble eggs. You could make breakfast wraps...add cheese or hash browns. Make the night before with the meat then heat them both in the microwave and wrap in foil for the trip. Add some sliced fruit or berries and a thermos or mug of your favorite beverage and you're set until dinner. Pack a couple of muffins, granola bars or another snack to tide you over if you need a little something.

    If breakfast is not what you want, why stop at rotesserie chicken sandwiches? You could do any sandwich; I wouldn't suggest anything that is messy & going to drip for the driver. He can feed himself. JMO. Have a safe trip!

    1. savory muffins: bacon, cheese, onion, bell peppers
      chicken, chopped pear, chutney, chopped romaine, wrapped in burrito style tortillas
      pineapple chunks, berries, peeled oranges
      really good coffee and juice
      and I couldn't get through a 6 hr drive without a package of potato chips :)

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        I'd completely avoid any ingredients that might be main features in the dinner meal. How about a Spanish tortilla/frittata (eggs, potatoes, onions and any vegetables you want to add, such as peas or red peppers), sliced to fit into crusty baguettes? Pack some fruits, nuts, veggie sticks and other foods you could easily consume in the car, plus beverages and you're good to go. My reasoning is that since you'll be eating a large holiday meal in the early afternoon, you car treats should be more snack-ish but healthy. Chances are good that there will be lots of temptations over the course of the rest of the day.

      2. I think this depends on how early you get up and when you normally feel like eating. Sounds like you'll be leaving the house at 7am. For me, I'm ready for breakfast with protein at that time of day. Also, will you need a rest stop and stretch your legs so maybe you should leave at 6:30am to allow time for that. For a morning, we would probably need two stops LOL. Hence, my vote would be for a scrambled egg/ham/cheese type meal in a wrap but I would not eat while driving since I like to dip my wraps in salsa.
        For the second stop or to eat around 10:30 am would be fresh fruit and a cheese stick. For us, it would be an apple. Since dinner won't be until 1pm (or later!?) I would also have muffins, something with a lot of fruit and fiber. Your favorite juice and coffee anytime.

        1. We always opt for crap: Donettes (yes those chocolate-wax covered donuts), a bag of strawberry twizzlers, and peanut m&m's. Coffee to start, then I switch to water, husband guzzles Mt. Dew.
          That's our road trip basics. I tried to get some healthy stuff, once. The organic/all natural licorice was disgusting. So, we eat the junk... not stuff we eat on a regular basis, so makes the road trip junk kind of "special." ha!
          Other ideas:
          Banana Nut bread made into cream cheese sandwiches, sliced summer sausage/cheese sandwiches (on dinner rolls, perfect size), assorted muffins (but they can be kinda crumbly, as can be granola bars), can of nuts (I like those small cans of natural almonds).

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            Wyogal - just add some Doritos and that sounds like me and my husband, right down to him guzzling Mt. Dew!

            Seriously, though, there are lots of good ideas in this thread already. If I were going to pack a sandwich to take along, it would probably be a muffaletta. Small quiches (made in muffin tins so they're easy to hold in one hand) would be awesome as well, and can be eaten hot or room (car) temp.

          2. Get up earlier and make a breakfast burrito or a kg of bacon if that'll turn your crank.

            For the road, all the other suggestions are good and I'll throw in empanadas/Cornish pasties, onigiri and charcuterie (though I'm not sure how much you want salted pork product - it works for me).

            Fast-food are generally open should you have that need for a McMuffin.

            Do you have some sweet sweet booze to help you through the meal?