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May 23, 2006 06:49 AM


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I heard about this Korean restaurant YongSuSan in Korea Town. A friend told me waitresses dressed in Korean traditional outfit serve guests traditional Korean set dinner at table side here. Has anyone been to the restaurant? How is the food? What should I order? I am thinking about taking a friend there for his birthday. Will it be a good place to celebrate birthday?

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  1. It's a lovely place to go, food is terrific. Check out the website, and choose one of their set menus. You can also book a private room for two.


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    1. re: Sandra W.

      Agree about the food; it's excellent and very interesting. Their website, however, has one of the more unfortunate typos I've run across. (Hint: upper right hand corner of the page.)

      1. re: David Kahn

        Unfortunate no, hilarious yes. I've always enjoyed the more exotic and unusual items on Korean menus but I think I'll pass on this one

        1. re: SteveInSocal

          Those Koreans ... they've got balls!

    2. The experience (i.e. traditional set dinners) is nice, but the food (as relayed to me from my Korean friends) is mediocre.

      Opt for one of the mid-range dinners (e.g. 30/person) and you'll get some interesting dishes without having to overpay.

      1. I gather from reliable 'hounds it was once good. Recently, however, I had a horrible meal experience there. The food was awful, prepared way inadvance, lacking flavors, chap chae like gummy bears, and the whole place seemed dirty and dingy.

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        1. re: Ciao Bob

          I agree. I was there about 3 months ago, and found the place not as lively and the food somewhat disappointingly lacking in flavor.

          In comparison, for my personal taste, Myung Dong Tofu House in San Gabriel has more vibrant flavors, while low on ambience, and Chosun Galbi has good flavors and good ambience.

          1. re: Suvro

            In spite of all the recent lackluster reviews, I decided to give the place a try last Monday night. It sounded unique. Overall, I don't really know how I feel about the experiences. I'm glad I tried it, alhtough I'm not sure if it was as unique and different as it is hyped up to be. I think all the dishes that I tried could be found in any other Korean menu.

            We got the $34.99 menu. Some have complained that this is too expensive but I think it is a good value for the quantity and quality of the food you get. The waitress was really sweet and attentive. Although I could barely understand her English, she tried her best to explain each dish to us.

            The highlights of the menu were the following:
            1) Chung Po Mook, munbean salad with beef. Although I could not find a single slice of beef in my salad, the play on textures was really nice. The seasoning was subtle and tasty.
            2)Je Yuk Soon De, steamed pork belly with a salty pinkish sauce (what it shrimp paste?). This dish reminds me of one of my favorite Chinese dishes: pork belly served with soy sauce, sugar and a ton of raw garlic.
            3)Kaesong Bo Sam Kimchi. Tingles on your tongue like sparkling water. Although, I prefer the more pungent type.
            4) Slow simmered short ribs: slightly sweet, succulent.
            5) Cold Buckwheat noodles: again, play on texture and very refreshing.

            Bad, bad:
            1) Jellyfish salad: It was marinated in a sweet sauce which I found to be a very bad match, if not completely repulsive. Plus, the jellyfish tasted off, a bit medicinal or something.
            2) Green salad in sesame sauce: just bad
            3)Ho Bak Jook: Too heavy and thick for my taste. Maybe it is a specialty but I didn't like it.

            1. re: mielimato

              Dessert? I still remember the ginger cookie and sweet drink, although I am not sure what the drink was.

        2. the drink is made with persimmons.

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          1. re: Jerome

            Thanks, Jerome! It is perfectly delicious after a YongSuSan multi-course dinner!

            Is it purchase-able, or would it be difficult to make? What is in it?

            1. re: liu

              the ginger cookie was delicious but it tasted more like baklava than any ginger cookie I've had. i'm guessing ginger, honey and butter. mmmmmm

          2. I just went to Yongsusan with my husband last weekend. We had the $49.99 menu (most expensive) and we both agreed it was delicious, fresh, well-prepared Korean food (I'm Korean and he's not.) I was really pleased with the service (private room for 2) and the quality of the food. Highlights: BBQ beef, black cod, shin sul lo (many goodies in a delicious broth), prawn Youngsusan style, (fried in a batter with herbs), onion pancake, and that wonderful ginger/cinnamon/honey drink they give you at the end. We would definitely go back. Considering how much food they give you, it's a bargain! I have to admit I wasn't expecting much looking at the reviews--but take it from this Korean gal--it was delicious! And I don't even like Korean food that much.