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Dec 8, 2011 05:18 PM

Best Ice Cream - Calder Dairy or Shatila (DTW)

I brought some vanilla home and had a blind taste test. One kid liked Shatila, the other Calder. Mr. MomsKitchen said "They're both pretty good!". I much preferred Calder....Shatila is very sweet - too sweet for me! Plus Calder had simple ingredients - where Shatila had lots of names I couldn't pronounce.

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  1. I think you're gonna need to do this flavor by flavor. I love Shatila's fruit ice creams. The others don't tug my chain ... Especially their Rosewater.

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    1. re: rainsux

      Fully endorse rainsux here. I love the Butter Fat level of Shatila, love some of the flavors of Calders and dream of Guernsey's Butter Pecan.

      1. re: JanPrimus

        Agree about the Guernsey's Butter Pecan. Used to try other Butter Pecan ice cream but realized none of them will ever be as good as Guernsey.

        Best regards, tony

      2. re: rainsux

        I'll try a strawberry faceoff next.

      3. Jeni's splendid out of OH blows all ice cream away! You can get it at Plum Market

        1. treat dreams in ferndale - eclectic, unique, small batch, craft ice cream. in the same vein as jeni's from that state below us.