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Dec 8, 2011 04:56 PM


Has anyone been to the restaurant downtown called Bacon, and how is it?

Yelp's reviews are mediocre, but I go to Yelp for opinions on trendy places and I come here for opinions on good food.

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  1. Five visits so far, still trying to figure it out.

    The eponymous bacon on the menu is pretty good, but I've had better. Big, chewy chunks, sometimes more like jerky. I make sure I order a side of bacon every time I visit, as it is their namesake. Not worth the price as of yet, I'll keep trying.

    The best item for me has been their biscuits & gravy, which is solid, but not great. This is the only thing I can recommend on the entire menu thus far, but they do biscuits & gravy much better just down the street at Counter Cafe.

    Their breakfast tacos have been completely forgettable. The menu claims the tortillas are fresh. If this is true, the day I ordered they must have been out and resorting to blatantly store-bought and pre-made. Or possibly I'm going insane.

    Their diner options (eggs, toast) have been diner-grade at best. Still haven't done their fried chicken, that'll be my next thing, be it chicken and waffles or just strips.

    The place sort of reminds me of Hank's Garage -- on paper this place should be really great. Every visit is OK at best, usually mediocre, and always peppered with little, obvious food missteps (store-bought tortillas, etc.) that sort of make it hard to give yourself over to the chow experience.

    End of the day, not recommended. Hope they figure it out. Let me know if you discover something great on the menu that I should try.

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    1. re: tom in austin

      i was pretty surprised that the the bacon slices were so small when i got the side order. the tabasco bacon was actually pretty tasty. I had burger where the bacon is actually in the grind. not bad. but i agree with Tom-not memorable.

      1. re: ieathereforeiam

        upon rereading, I came across more negative than I meant to. I really liked the bacon cheese fry thing and the service was quick and friendly. I could see them hitting their stride at some point and becoming a reliable joint.

    2. Only been once. Burger was overcooked. Everything else was fine~ good meat to bun ratio, good toppings, including an honest-to-god ripe tomato slice. Fries were fine but I don't even remember what kind they are. It's like they are almost hitting the mark... but missing it.

      1. Went on Saturday for lunch. Great concept, great location and great eclectic Austin atmosphere.

        Dreadful food. The bacon was chewy and tough, and the toast was either made with stale bread or they found some new way to toast bread and make it taste very odd.

        Given the simplicity of the menu, the food should be a home-run here or at least very good. As it stands, lots of basic cooking 101 mistakes. A shame- this place has real potential.

        1. Place recenlty lost its head chef, does not bode well. I hope it sticks around long enough for me to check out.

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          1. re: Rptrane

            Thanks for that news- it could explain the problems I observed. Hoping they get it sorted out- it really is a great concept.

          2. I don't have any opinion of the place other than I like their neon sign.

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