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Nov 17, 2011 04:00 AM

Burmese ginger salad [split from "What to Expect from a $100-$200 meal, General Topics board]

Do you have a recipe - or at least a more detailed description - of the ginger salad? this ginger-loving chowhound would like to try making it at home.

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  1. There are a lot of recipes for this on the internet, so the question would be: which one to use?

    Just a note about Burmese food: go to any Burmese restaurant and you will find a long list of salads. I guess they are a major part of this cuisine. Tea leaf, long bean, shrimp and bean sprout, chick pea with gravy (yes, warm gravy), pressed tofu, and the list goes on. Each one might have a dramatically different flavor profile. The complexity of flavors would rival that of great chefs (also keeping this post on topic).

    Of course, like all cuisines some practitioners are better than others. FInding a great example of anything is always like finding a needle in a haystack. Which is part of the reason Chowhound is here, to shine a light on the process.

    Getting back to the recipe question, I have never made this, so I can only guess which recipe might be ok. In Burmese, ginger salad is 'gin thoke', so if you search under that name, you might get a more authentic recipe. I found this one, which looks pretty good.

    One important aspect of the recipe IMO is that it should contain at least three crunchy ingredients. This is a very crunchy and pungent salad. I was surprised to read that in Myanmar, it is served as a dessert (!).