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Dec 8, 2011 04:28 PM

Sliced Meats for Cheese Plates in San Francisco?

Hi All,

I am a regular at Avedano's and Bi-rite for sliced meats for cheese plates. I will be shopping for some meats tomorrow evening and wanted to see if anyone had some different/better recommendations. I have a car but want to stay in the city.



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  1. Fatted Calf on Fell (btw Gough and Octavia) has a small but excellent selection. Boccalone in the Ferry Building or perhaps even at mother ship Incanto, but I don't know whether they will slice for you.

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      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        And what a beautiful slicer it is.
        Although I think dordogne was referring to your beloved Incanto.

        1. re: wolfe

          Thanks Robert and Wolfe. I had thought about Boccalone and was weary only because I'll need to bring a car (picking up other things) and was worried about the traffic/parking taking up too much of my time. On the other hand, I never thought of Incanto as possibly having meats too. I will call and ask.

          Thanks again for the recommendations!


      2. re: dordogne

        Thanks for this recommendation dordogne. I will try to get to the Fatted Calf today and let you know how it goes.

      3. Lucca's in the Mission does a great party tray for a fraction of the price of places like Fatted Calf. Plus they have their own parking!

        Lucca Ravioli
        1100 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94110

        1. Hi Everyone,

          Thank you for all the recommendations. Normally, I get my cheeses at 24th Street Cheese Company and my sliced meats at Avedano's. In an effort to expand my horizons I asked here and got some great recommendations so thank you all very much.

          Here is how the day went down though. I had to work and my lunch hour was starting to extend past that so had to cut short some of my travels. I live near Say Cheese in Cole Valley so decided I would get my cheese and sliced meats there.

          The Good: Excellent selection and reasonable prices. People at the party raved about the selection and not a scrap, slice or mush of triple cream was left behind. I think someone may have actually licked the cheese board :-).

          The Bad: There are a bunch of younger people working there. Only one actually "knew cheese" so I had to wait for him to get off a very lengthy phone call. I guess the lady he was speaking to was quite annoying and kept putting him on hold. Okay, whatever, but keep your calm.. the guy went to hang the phone and SLAMMED it a few times to vent his anger. He did calm down a bit but his demeanor made the whole purchase just something left to be desired.

          In summary, go here if you want good stuff but be prepared to deal with bad customer service. I will only go back if I know exactly what I want and do not have to really interact with the staff again.

          As for the other recommendations made here on Chow, I have a few other parties planned so will be checking out the Fatted Calf and -- if I am nearby -- Boccolone. Of course, I still love my old standbys (mentioned earlier) and will definately continue to frequent them.


          Say Cheese
          856 Cole St, San Francisco, CA