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Dec 8, 2011 03:53 PM

Lunch in Grand Junction, then Dinner and breakfast in Cedar City or St. George??

I'm flying to Grand Junction at noon, grabbing a car, then driving right back to San Diego. Google indicates it's a 14 hour drive, so I'll overnight somewhere in the middle... Cedar City or St. George by dinnertime??? Utah???

Lunch in Grand Junction?

Is there a dinner in Cedar City or St. George that's worthwhile for a to-be-road weary chowhound traveler? Nothing dressy... I'm traveling light and fast, but that's no reason to miss a good dining opportunity.

And then breakfast before careening south...back to the beach? Great bakerys/coffees/scrambles.

I could see hotelling and supping in Cedar City, then breakfasting in St. George, then lunching in Vegas if there was an easy parking access.


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  1. Fairway Grill in St. George is a solid choice for breakfast.

    Sullivan's would be my first choice in Cedar City.

    As for Vegas, depends on your likes and dislikes. If you are not averse to chains, there's a Buffalo Wild Wings on Craig Road in N. Vegas.

    There's a Hash House A Go Go in the M Resort south of town with very easy freeway access, but if you are from San Diego that might not be a novel choice.

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    1. re: GroovinGourmet

      Thanks, GG.

      Mesquite may be my halfway/overnight spot if the snow doesn't slow me down. If it does, then Cedar City or St.George will see me at Sullivans or Fairway....or BearsPaw or the GunBarrel.

      I don't do restaurant chains.

      1. re: sano

        Good luck if you wind up in Mesquite... you will be pretty much relegated to a casino buffet for breakfast. I am not aware of any place even remotely 'houndworthy there.

        One trip to St. George I did Bears Paw instead of Fairway. I was not impressed... place was packed with a line waiting to get in and I found myself wondering why.

    2. Weather delays had me leaving Grand Junction a tad late. A local recommended 'Munchies' cafe, a tad west of Grand Junction on US70. Very good 'Philly Burger' special... hand made thick sirloin pattywith fresh shrooms, ortegas, and swiss.
      Pulled off the highway at St.George jsut after dark, grabbeda room, had a drink, went to Gunbarrel Steak and Game based on Chow and TripAdvisor. Had the Caeser Salad (blah), and Buffalo ribs. The ribs had the muushy texture one expects from crockpotting, and were drowned in a cloyingly sweet syrupy sauce. Blech.
      The lady at the next table had a steak that presented grey.
      Based on that experience, I'd go for an In' And Out burger, anothe rdrink at the hotel, and write off St.George

      1. When I am doing that drive, we stay at the Best Western Coral Hills and even though they have a breakfast of sorts, we go to the Bear Paw Cafe. It is walkable from the motel.

        I'd probably just grab a Subway at the airport and get on the road in GC.

        For, right by the motel is the Painted Pony, that is pretty good for St George and JJ Hunan, if you are in the mood for Chinese.

        1. I went to college in Cedar City and got my first job as a food editor in St.George. While neither is an amazing food town, I'd opt to dine in St. George--more options and bigger city. Skip the Bear Paw, it's totally uninspiring. Painted Pony is considered fine diving and does have nice ambience. Next door though is Benja's which I remember having awesome Thai. I took a cooking class from Benja before she opened the place in '05 (I think). The Massaman is great as well as sticky rice with mangos.

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          1. re: Kelsey722

            Don't know Benja's... will have to make a point of checking it out next time through. I wouldn't disagree with your assessment of St. G vs. CC, but, I will say that Top Spot in Cedar serves up the best green chile cheeseburger to be had between the 2 cities.

          2. The gastronomic highlight of my GJ to SD drive happened to be a dive in Fruita, CO called "Munchies." Lot's of handwritten specials on the wall..... I chose the excellent hand made "Philly" sirloin burger topped with ortegas, shrooms, and swiss, served piping hot with home cut crispy fries. This is what Chowhounds are looking for. I'm quite sure I was the only non-local in the joint.