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Dec 8, 2011 02:54 PM

Take-out/delivery options in Lower Haight/Hayes Valley/Nopa

Hello friends,

I live in the Lower Haight. When I want take-out, I usually get pizza from Little Star, burritos from Little Chihuahua, sushi from Sushi Raw, chicken from Palmyra, salads from Squat and Gobble or Indian from Kasa. I'm getting a little tired of those options and would like to throw some new places in the mix. Any other ideas out there for the LH, Nopa or Hayes Vallye? Ideas for cheap/moderately priced eats where I can call in my order in advance would be greatly appreciated!


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  1. Delivery: Lers Ros, Amicis Pizza, Mission Chinese.

    Take out- Bai Thong (Lers Ros is better), Hayes and Kebab (meh), Arlequin for sandwiches/salads.

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    1. re: boxcar_sf

      Thanks--had a falafel from Hayes & Kebab last night. Pretty tasty.

      Any other ideas out there, friends? :)

    2. Mazzat, on the corner of Laguna & Fell, has really good Lebanese fare.