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Dec 8, 2011 01:14 PM

Applebees in Schererville, IN. The Food Has Taken A Dive

Hubby and I just returned from lunch at this Applebees restaurant in Shererville, IN. I ordered the pick two and my choice was French Onion Soup and Shrimp and Spinach Salad. Also ordered a cup of coffee.

First of all the silverware and plating looked old...very old. Silverware old too. Thin and old.

Coffee was probably the worst I have had..ever other than Bakers Square in Merrillville, IN.

Lunch came and it was the soup with a huge glob of gooey Mozarezza Cheese. So thick, unappetizing I simply pushed it to the side.

The salad consisted of some fresh Spinach with four tiny, teeny shrimp and a hot Bacon Dressing..lots of dressing. Enough that I could not finish the salad.

Called the manager and told her I wanted nothing but the food was bad. She said the General Manager is in today. He was one slick looking cookie. I am sure looking forward to a hefty Christmas Bonus. Told him my tale and he asked if I would like to try something Would I like a dinner to

Then he went right back to his telephone calls.

Why did I bother? I guess hopeing it might save you from the same poor food.

By the way the place was pretty empty at 12:15 pm and when I pointed that out to the GM he said it was a slow day. Right.....

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  1. Merrillville resident here. I'll be sure to avoid the Schereville Applebees. Not that I usually patronize it in the first place. The one in Plymouth is decent. My husband and I will meet my MoL there as a halfway point.