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Dec 8, 2011 12:52 PM

Canned Frosting Fudge

I'm not sure this even qualifies as "cooking!" I've been looking for a super-simple, Christmas-present-for-the-relatives project for some very young children that produces results fast enough to hold their attention, and I'm coming across recipes for fudge made from prepared frosting -- the stuff in the plastic tub. Supposedly, 90 seconds in the microwave melts / cooks it enough to stiffen it; then you mix in nuts or whatever (the kids can to that part!), pour into a buttered or foil-lined pan (suggestions were to reuse the rectangular plastic containers that some brands of presliced deli meat come in -- they look like Gladlock containers) and decorate the lid with stickers (again with the kiddies). Now then, has anyone attempted this? The nuked frosting, I mean, not the decorating-deli-containers bit. Does anyone know if this actually works or am I risking frosting boiling over in my microwave?

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  1. I've nuked frosting and you get a smooth coating that doesn't smudge, so it's easy for kids to decorate cookies, etc. and the wrap in plastic wrap and take home. It tastes just like canned frosting. If you want something simple but better than that, I used to do this w/ kids: