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Dec 8, 2011 12:45 PM

St Louis: Fresh Green Peppercorn Source?

Hey All, I know that there is a source SOMEWHERE, because I've had fresh green peppercorns at Simply Thai on Lindbergh, but I can't find them anywhere! The restaurant told me that they get them from Global Foods Market, but that was a bust.

I've tried:
Seafood City
Olive Farmer's Market
Chinatown market
Jay's International Foods
Global Foods Market

Anybody have any luck with this in the past?


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  1. I assume you have Googled this? And you mean fresh as in not in brine? Have you gotten the Thai name for them? A little more info, please, and we can go farther.

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    1. re: lemons

      By fresh, do you mean 'not dried' or 'not pickled'? I believe they are called pimenta verde, and I think Penzey's may have them dried. (It wouldn't hurt to call first). Sometimes at Global or Jay it really does work better if you can ask for them by every possible name... You could also try asking at Simply Thai where they get their peppercorns, the worst they could do is refuse to tell you.

      1. re: tonifi

        I think the OP did that and that's how she got to Global. Hard to imagine they don't have them since the owners are Thai. Maybe the frozen food case???

    2. Have you tried Soulard Farmer's Market?

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      1. re: Itsmy6

        lemons...I am an idiot...I did something else in between reading & replying & my brain froze, apparently. Are you thinking the spice shop at the Market?

        1. re: tonifi

          That wasn't moi that suggested Soulard, but my guess is this is too exotic for Soulard's spice shop. But a phone call is cheap.

          1. re: tonifi

            Yes, that place or one of the vendors might know.

            1. re: Itsmy6

              Thanks for the suggestions all. Just to clarify, yes I was looking for non-brined, non-dried, fresh berries. Despite the fact that the Global Foods market guy told me that they didn't have green peppercorns (except dried) I went through every freezer case in the hope that they have frozen!!! No luck.

              Unfortunately google shopping just turned up brined or dried.

              Anyway, will try the suggestions!

              1. re: neointima

                There's also Goeke's Produce in Florissant on St. Ferdinand that has an amazing spice section. I would suggest calling them first just to save on gas.