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Dec 8, 2011 12:32 PM

a dinner and breakfast in ABQ and SF

I'll be road-tripping through NM in a few weeks and will be stopping a night in SF on the way and ABQ on the way back. Am looking for your recs on a great dinner and great breakfast in each. Gotta have at least one green chile cheeseburger. My dining partner is a healthier eater (ie no cheese) so somewhere with fresh veggie/lean meat options would be great. We both prefer quality over quantity. I've searched the boards but would love some current faves. Thanks!

ps. bonus points for lunch suggestions 3-4 hours out of town on I-40 in either direction...

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  1. If healthy options are a factor, I'd suggest the following, a board search will turn up tons of info on all of them:

    Santa Fe dinner: Harry's Roadhouse, Shibumi Ramenya, the Shed if you're careful
    Santa Fe breakfast: Terra at Encantado (definitely a splurge), Pasqual's, again Harry's Roadhouse
    ABQ dinner: Standard Diner, the Range (worth the drive to the original Bernalillo location)
    ABQ breakfast: the Grove (NM-style breakfast isn't great here but the cafe fare is excellent), Frontier if you're very, very careful, Torinos @ Home

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      Lunch on the 40: the Turquoise in Winslow AZ or board search for Flagstaff

    2. finlero's are good; here are a few more:
      ABQ: Jennifer James 101 (Tues-Sat evenings, get a reservation!)
      SF: Tecolote Cafe, Real Food Nation (x100 - they are truly amazing)

      Tecolote Cafe
      1203 Cerrillos Rd, Santa Fe, NM 87505

      Real Food Nation
      624 Old Las Vegas Hwy, Santa Fe, NM 87505

      Jennifer James 101
      4615 Menaul Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87110

      1. Thanks for the tips everyone! Can't wait to taste NM.

        1. I think Bobcat Bite should be included in any list that has green chile cheeseburger and New Mexico in the same sentence. It is a bit out of the way, down Old Las Vegas highway, and only open four days a week this time of year, but definitely worth it. One of the best burgers around.

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            Agree 100% on Bobcat Bite, for the great ambience and wonderful service as well as for the burgers, and it's become a little easier to eat there since they are now open on Sunday, although for somewhat limited hours (I think they close at 5:00 pm).

          2. We made our way east through Santa Fe a few days ago. On the way in, we stopped for a great lunch at the Turquoise Room in Winslow. We had an interesting piki bread and hummus dish and a wonderful lamb pozole. Nice chunks of lamb with fresh corn and chiles and the right proportion of hominy. I would go back for the pozole and was happy to have a warm dish on such a cold day.

            I knew I had to get to Bobcat Bite, so I compromised by getting takeout while my dining partner did the same at Body Cafe (some kale, bean and rice dish). I went for the green chile cheeseburger and coleslaw with the bun kindly packed separately to prevent sogginess. The meat certainly lived up to the hype. Probably one of the best burgers I've had. The patty is so generous though, that it sort of overwhelms the cheese/chile topping. I found myself taking mostly burger bites from the bottom of the burger just to have some true GCC bites from the top half. All very tasty, but I'm hoping to satisfy my green chile fix when we come back through ABQ on our way home later this week.

            We had to hit the road early the next morning, so went with the free hotel breakfast. Actually had a tasty green chile topping that I smothered my eggs with. Thanks to all who posted the great suggestions. It is really a treat to have quality food when you're on the road.