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May 22, 2006 09:39 PM

lunch near UCLA

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Looking for lunch rec's close to UCLA. Somewhere that is nice but kid friendly. No paticular type of food in mind, just no sushi. Thanks!

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  1. my recs in order of preference:

    damon & pythias (american)
    corner bakery
    california pizza kitchen
    napa valley grille

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    1. re: greengelato

      Ew.. CPK?! That place makes me want to gag just thinking about it.

    2. Mr. Noodle - Thai & Chinese

      Good Food for Value

      1/2 block south of UCLA on Broxton

      Link: http://www.misternoodle.com

      1. Tons of stuff, but since you said nice I'll eliminate the holes-in-the-wall and fast food:


        Noodle Planet
        Mr. Noodle

        Ambala Dhaba
        Bombay Bite

        Damon & Pythias
        Westwood Brewing Company
        Gardens on Glendon
        Corner Bakery

        Earth, Wind, & Flour

        1. Does John O'Groats count as being close to UCLA? Pico just past Beverly Glen. Friendly country-style vibe -- great biscuits and yummy fruit drinks...

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            Westwood is pretty much a wasteland for food. Di Amore's pizza on Broxton is good. La Monicas on Gayley is a smaller place but the pizza can be good. You should probably go down Westwood Blvd. away from UCLA and at Pico go to The Apple Pan, or find something on the way like the persian or lebanese...

            1. re: Carnivore

              Sunnin Lebanese on Westwood & SM (very small inside, though), California Chicken Cafe on Westwood, across from where Rhino used to be, and Lamonica's would be my top 3.