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Dec 8, 2011 12:05 PM

Tokyo Teriyaki , why aren't there more places like this?

Tokyo Teriyaki in Carrollton. Simply the best. They charcoal grill the chicken, beef short ribs, their teriyaki sauce is superb, their rice is perfect.

And I wonder why aren't there more places like this in DFW metroplex? I can't find anything that comes close to it.

What is it about Texans? Do they only like deep fried greasy Chick Filet, or Golden Corral, or Whattaburger type food?

You know what's messed up for me? Tokyo Teriyaki isn't even open on the weekends. That really sucks. And unless I am missing it, there's nothing like it. If there is something like it around town.....can somebody please tell me where? Grilled, char broiled chicken, beef short ribs, excellent teriyaki sauce, rice, there another "Tokyo Teriyaki" around that I dont' know about?

I could eat at this place in Carrollton 3 times a week. It's that good. But it's closed on weekends.

Should I sit down with the owner and talk to him about opening another one, say in Frisco next to the IN N OUT Burger there?

Help! Thanks.

Tokyo Teriyaki
1630 Valwood Pkwy Ste 110, Carrollton, TX 75006

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  1. Teppo sounds like it would be very similar to Tokyo.....both have wood grilled items and is open on the weekends.

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    1. re: LewisvilleHounder

      Thanks Lewisville,

      I took a look at Teppo and I have no doubt it's good. But it appears a lot fancier and probably a lot more expensive.

      I prefer the simple char broiled simple places that have excellent quality and in the little things, like the teryaki sauce, good rice, and the chicken or beef. (I don't eat Pork). Teppo looks a bit more expensive and I doubt they have a charcoal type grill that gives it that charcoal grilled taste.

      But it looks good for sure. Thanks....

      1. re: Eddiehaskell7

        >>doubt they have a charcoal type grill that gives it that charcoal grilled taste.

        Actually, that's not true at all. Charcoal grilling is Teppo's specialty, and they do take pride in all the little things that you said. I think you'd really like it and it's an inexpensive casual place. You walk into Teppo and charcoal smell dominates the air since it's the station right up front. There's even a hunk of the Japanese oak charcoal they use prominently displayed.

        1. re: air

          Thanks air. I'll give Teppo's a try. Appreciate the info.

    2. I work 3 minutes from Tokyo Teriyaki and I just say "the usual" and they promptly fix me a number 10 with grilled pork and chicken. The area it's in is highly light industrial and is ghostly empty on weekends, so I understand why it closes then. I agree it's as good as you say. Good portion, too.

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      1. re: Veggo

        You are lucky to work so close Veggo. I just wish I could find something even close to as good as they are. Grilled char broil style, teryaki sauce is superb, rice is excellent, just the best. I'm from Los Angeles and they seem to have a lot more of these type places there in Southern Cal and Orange County.

        The best there is similar to Tokyo. It's called "Kuishimbo" .....Japanese BBQ, and it's a simple place, not fancy and believe it or's even better than Tokyo. Just a few blocks from downtown L.A. and Before I moved here , I was going to Kuishimbo for thirty , as in 30, years. And it's still there. The reviews tell the story:

      2. And this is what I ordered at Kuishimbo for 30 years straight. Not once did I order anything else. The number 2. Beef short ribs and chicken. And their cabbage salad with that sauce is unmatched. My wife says she's never had anything as good. Here's the photo somebody put on Yelp of the chicken beef rib plate.

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