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Dec 8, 2011 11:50 AM

Appleton 12 yr rum gift set with Chef & Sommelier Glasses

I was about due to rebuy this anyway, and saw a gift set with 2 of these glasses (but stemless - I can't get a link to work showing the actual glass).

I was curious to see if anyone had experience with these and how they compared to other snifter-type glassware.

I like the quote on the side of the box - "It spent 12 years in oak, the last thing it wants to see is the inside of a blender".

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  1. I imagine you're talking about the Riedel stemless spirit glasses shown here unless they changed the glasses in the set.

    I have them from the same gift set. I actually don't like them for drinking straight spirits that much as I don't get the nose I am looking for. I have some Tiffany dessert wine glasses that are stemmed and shaped more like Glencairn glasses that I got as a wedding present and like them better when sipping rum or whiskey.

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      No they have changed the glasses in the set, but the link I posted only seems to work intermittently.

      These glasses seem to be developed specifically to enhance the nose, with the very wide bowl and exaggerated taper, very unusual looking.

      Try this one - again, without the stem and the wide part of the bowl might be slightly more exaggerated.

    2. I know what you're talking about. First time I've seen glasses like this myself, just bought the gift set today so of course I'll have to try the glasses tonight!

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          Bingo, I don't know how you were able to find three links to the actual glass that worked while I couldn't find one.