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Dec 8, 2011 11:33 AM

ISOPolish/German cabbage rolls

My mom used to make cabbage rolls we called "Haloopsie" I have no idea how to spell it.

They were cabbage rolls with rice and sauerkrut and my mom used spare ribs rather than the more common ground pork or ground beef. My dad always joked that she made it a Chinese dish because she put more rice in then sauerkrut! Sometimes she would cube up a pork roast instead of the spare rib.

One big difference with the way she made them was no tomato sauce/catsup on the top. Dad always thought putting catsup on things ruined them. That's the way most people from my childhood would make them.

She baked them in a large turkey roaster and we ate them for days!

I'd love to try make them.

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  1. Have you searched on Martha Stewart's website? Her mother was Polish and I know there is at least one "authentic" recipe there for cabbage rolls.

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      Thanks janniecooks. I'd forgotten about Martha's mother. After I looked though, that isn't what we used to eat. I'm waiting for my brother to share his try at making mom's cabbage rolls. Hoping he will have a winner for me.

    2. You're looking for "Halupsie" (my grandmother called them pigs in a blanket)
      Even though my grandmother would slap you with the back of a wooden spoon if you even suggested using tomato soup as an ingredient (she'd use only fresh tomatoes) you might want to try this one:

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        Thanks so much for your reply. Now I know they are called Halupsie! God bless his soul, my dad and your grandmother had the exact thinking about tomato soup! Even though he had the same idea about any tomatoes, he was really opinionated about the use of tomato soup.

        I am checking out the site you shared.

      2. My grandparents moved here from poland, and they always used tomato juice on theirs, no ketchup, no tomato soup. When they got here my grandpa started using V8 juice, and made it that way until he died.

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          What I'm finding about what my mom used to make is that it is a more Russian/German recipe. But at least I know the name is Halupsie. I'm sure my family's way of making it was tweaked to their way of making it, now I just need to settle on trying the recipe most like my mom's.

          Thanks everyone!

        2. So after talking with my sister who has made Halupsi, here is the list of ingredients she said she used:

          ! Llarge head of cabbage, with leaves peeled off as it boiled, I"LL FREEZE mine.

          Next the following was mixed in a large bowl: then about 1/2 cup of the filling was put on the cooling cabbage leaves, rolled up and sometimes she said sometimes mom used toothpicks to hold them together:

          onion, raw

          can of saurkraut

          rice, raw

          salt and pepper

          cubes of pork

          About 1/2 cup of the filling was put on the cooling cabbage leaves, rolled up and baked.

          Sometimes she said mom used toothpicks to hold them together:

          Place in layers to fill a large 'turkey' roasting pan. Placing he outter leaves from cabbage hepls to prevent scourcing and so does adding lots of water.

          Bake/roast in cool oven---300???) for at least 3-4 hours.

          What proportions of these ingredients sound good or right to all you chowhounds?