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Dec 8, 2011 10:59 AM

Blair's Death Rain chips in Saskatoon?

Hello, I'm wondering if anyone knows where to find Blair's Death Rain chips in Saskatoon - in Toronto they have them at Bass Pro Mills and other non-supermarket locations.


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  1. Try Bulk Barn. I found Blair's there in Edmonton.

    1. i have a hard time finding them in Calgary, too. I bought them once at London Drugs, but they have since stopped carrying them. I've been told that you can find them at certain Macs and 7-11, however I haven't actually been able to buy them there myself. You can also mail order them direct from the company.

      Hope you find them, they are awesome!

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        I saw them in Calgary at Kalamata a few years ago.

      2. More often than not, I tend to find them at the local 7-11. Go figure!

        1. Found them at Cabela's, now that they've opened...