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Dec 8, 2011 10:34 AM

How long can the strata sit?

I have a big hunk of ciabatta left over from dinner two nights ago, so I thought of using it to make a strata for breakfast. Here's my dilemma: I can't see myself getting up early enough to bake the strata before work tomorrow! (My favorite recipe bakes for 45+ minutes).

So I find myself wondering, do I assemble the strata tonight? Can it sit for 36 hours rather than just overnight? Or do I assemble it tomorrow (with 3 day old bread)? Any thoughts? Experiences?

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  1. many recipes call for assembly and then for it to sit overnight. i'm thinking 36 hours may be overkill though.

    assemble it friday night and bake it off saturday morning. stale bread is better for these kinds of dishes anyway.

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      Thanks, I was leaning the same way!

    2. You can do it in a crockpot overnight, if you have one.

      1. Last year I made Smitten Kitchen's Spinach Guryere Strata and left it in the refrigerator from Thursday night until Sat. morning. Baked it then. It was wonderful still. The bread I used was a good, sturdy baguette.


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          That is a killer recipe. I made it once using really crappy Italian bread because that is what I could get where I was and it was still killer, so I think you could use anything really. Love that recipe!

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            It's the only brunch strata that I make now. I think it's very forgiving, so that's why it sat in my fridge and was still perfect. I do find I have to bake it a bit longer than she says too though.